Friday, February 28, 2003

simple minds.

Back to the hustle and bustle of this so-called life o'mine! Vegas was great. Took tons of pics, definetly didn't want to come back to the below zero temps and snow. The Vagina Monologues are tonight, I really don't have a desire to go. Maybe I'll call Nick and see if he's up for it. If not we can just crash the reception and ease out of the actual show. Aaron's on call tonight and just informed me that he's got to see five more patients before he can head that means I probably won't see him for another 5 hours. I think he's happy that this month is finally over. I know I am.

Sunday, February 16, 2003

vegas baby!

Tomorrow we depart for a short stint in Vegas. I can hardly wait. Snow and freezing cold I can really do without! I'm betting I'll see someone famous, cause for some reason, everyone who's anyone spends a little R&R there. I wish I didn't have to come back. Maybe we'll get stuck there and I won't have too come back for months!!! One can only dream!