Wednesday, September 29, 2004

long distance information

today aaron's 29, man are we getting old. it's his golden birthday. never knew what that was til i had mine this year. 29 on the 29th. i got him a set of tickets to see the first game of the cardinals division playoff. he was stoked. yeah me! i know how to make my man happy! right now he's in ny spending a couple of days in cooperstown, sucking in everything baseball. i'll meet up with him friday when we head to my cousin's wedding. sucks to only have a few days there, i need a job where i can take real vacation!

next weekend candace is getting married. the day has finally arrived, i still can't believe she's getting married, she's still a baby. at least in my eyes! wonder how soon it'll be before she starts squirting out little ones! i should talk, i've got baby fever, somebody stop me. they're just so cute, why must they be so cute and cuddly! i could just eat them all up with a little spoon.

i don't really want to go down to carbondale. there's so much drama that i don't want to involve myself with. last time was the worst. it's like a freaking soap opera. it's like they have nothing better to do than involve everyone in their meaningless lives. blah, blah. i'm gonna avoid the normal "clique" and hang out with people i actually like, who don't involve me in their trysts! two weekends in a row, what am i thinking.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

cryin time

so here i am at work on a sunday, i'm such a diligent worker! although i have spent a little of the time writing emails. which i never do at home. i could blame the slow internet speed, but one has nothing to do with the other. i just have television at home to preoccupy my time.

i've got to get a hobby outside the house. it's nothing that is done to me or towards me, but everything he does annoys me. i need to do some yoga or something. maybe i'll make a much needed trip to the gym. that'll take about an hour of annoyance out of the day.

why must mocha frappacinos be sooo good? nothing compares! i mean it, i've tried them all and nothing compares. i'm gonna gain so much weight. i've gotta curb my thirst for them.

but, mmmmmmmmmmmm.