Sunday, December 24, 2006

crazy christmas madlibs!

Dear Santa,

I have been a good girl.

It really wasn't my fault what happened at carrie's Christmas party. It was katie who spiked the punch with too much cranberry juice. I can't help it if I drank 4 glasses. It was so good---smelled and tasted just like pine.

I thought it was funny when I put aaron's thong on my head and danced the cha cha on the lazyboy while singing `i hate myself for loving you'. I didn't mean to break carrie's jukebox and don't know why carrie would sue me for mail fraud.

I don't remember calling adrian's wife a supersonic chicken---even though she looked like one with green eye shadow and blue lipstick!

And when I threw up on jamie's husband's finger, it was only because I ate too much of that salsa.

After all that fun, I admit I was a little tired. So I fell asleep on my way home and drove my limo through my neighbor's garage. I don't think that was any reason for my neighbor to call me a shocking camel and have me arrested for assault and battery!

So, I sit in my jail cell on Christmas Eve, all rich and crazy. And I'm really not to blame for any of this weird stuff. Please bring me what I want the most---bail money!

Sincerely and hardly yours,
susan (Really a nice girl!)

P.S. It's only 8 bucks!

write your letter here!


Friday, December 22, 2006

christmas comes early

since we're heading to maryland, aaron and i exchanged gifts yesterday. everything he got me was pretty much a surprise. all except the long johns i asked for. the shoes (see left) were completely unexpected and he also got us tickets to see the red hot chili peppers in march. a complete and welcome surprise! other misc. items: electronic sudoku, $30 starbucks giftcard, zoolander and a flashlight headlamp. i pretty much made out and it's not even christmas yet!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

all hopped up on the "p"

we're officially trying to get preggers. just got back from my annual with prenatal vitamins in hand. we're not hardcore trying at the moment, mainly because we have the reception in january that i'd like to have a little fun at. we'll be sure to let you know if there's anything to report.

boy bonanza
yesterday i found out jennaya is having a boy. already have a named picked out. samuel jamison. cute name. i think the reign of our friends having girls has come to an end. baimas are having a boy. the bakers as well.

matt and kristin announced they were pregnant tuesday. they've opted not to find out the sex of the baby. more power to them, i don't think i could hold out. oh yeah, david also announced they were pregnant. pretty soon we'll be the minority.

we leave for the east coast tomorrow night. need to get a pet-friendly hotel room today. looking forward to spending 12 hours in a car with two squirrelly dogs. fun! we'll be out there til next saturday. then we're back in the patch for the new year's party at syam's. reception in january. academy in february. house-hunting in march. busy, busy, busy!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

transfer of thought

a daily blogger i am not, but i have been pretty good using the myspace blog feature. 186 blogs to date. unfortunately i've been neglecting this blogger blog.

since friends and family are using it, i might as well get on board. i just transfered 25 blogs, think i'll stop there. it's a definite chore and most of my posts are not family friendly. we'll call this my g-rated blog.

i think i can type "blog" one more time without it completely dominating my post. too late.

jamaica in pictures

Sunday, December 10, 2006

feliz navidad

bosco and marley wish everyone
a joyous holiday season!!

**since we are child-free, i'll post the equivalent.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

setting the world on fire....

...or just myself

last week the power went out courtesy of the great snowstorm of 2006. went out thursday evening or i should say early friday morning. just about everything was closed, including aaron's clinic friday. we headed over to the langei's. they still had power. the stealeys met us there. a little "get warm, stay warm" party of sorts. no power all day friday. get home around 4 p.m. and it's already 57 degrees in the house. call up jamie and ask if we can crash at her pad for the night. no problem. next morning, head home, still now power. 45 degrees now. we turn on the gas fireplace and i proceed to hang out directly in front of it. a little while later i reach back and feel the melted nylon/polyester blend. "oh, he's not going to be happy." apparently i was sitting too close and proceeded to melt the sleeping bag and the ski jacket i had on. looks like a shark took a bite out of both. no persons were harmed during the incident. don't you worry.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

status: married

it's official, we're hitched. quick note from jamaica: it's awesome. hotter than hell. we'll be back in the midwest in a week. 10 days in the caribbean rules! just to let you know! tons of photos to come!

Friday, October 27, 2006

proud owner?

last night when aaron was watching the cardinals spank the tigers in the world series of baseball, i went out with a few of the ladies.

unfortunately i did not come home empty handed. you are now looking at the proud owner of: en-tice formal affair 2 piece tux set (i know for a fact that steve is a proud owner); chocolate flavored edible undies; kamasutra cool mint creme body souffle; the original motion lotion; club jenna scented bubble bath; a pocket size kamasutra royal bengal super-rich silicone lubricant; and 10 penis straws.

i had a blast. hung out at sammy's chatting and watching a little baseball. tonight we'll hopefully see the cardinals clench and tomorrow we'll be rocking st. louis! can't wait!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

world series

aaron just called me and said deryk called and offered him a ticket to tonights world series game. he said he turned it down. what?!?

"the weather's shitty, i have to rush to get down there, and i'd have to pay $150 for it."

"if i were you, i'd go. it's the freaking world series and the cardinals are actually doing something this year! you should really think about going!"

he calls me back 3 minutes later...."I'M GOING!"

thank goodness. good thing i'm here to twist his arm!

Monday, October 23, 2006

save the cheerleader, save the world

i am now addicted to heros. i'm a justified sci-fi geek through and through. with my insomnia i've learned they update the webisodes at 4 in the morning. forget tivo, i've found something better.

tomorrow i get waxed and manicured, wednesday: i get braces off, thursday: girls night, saturday: shower and bachlorette party. the wedding is creeping up on me. next tuesday we'll be in jamaica. it's gonna be a whirlwind. didn't think i'd get butterflies, but i'm starting to feel a flutter. i thought about adding a wedding countdown clock, too cheeseburger. instead here it is: your wedding is in less than two weeks.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

board certified

The directors of the American Board of Dermatology are please to inform you that you have successfully passed the certifying examination of the Board given on August 13 and 14, 2006. We extend our congratulations to you on becoming a Diplomate of the American Board of Dermatology.

way to go, aaron!!!!! you rocked the boards!

Friday, October 13, 2006


headed down to c'dale for a long overdue visit. last time we were down was may, it's been that long. went out both nights. saturday night we went over to nate's where katie made me martinis. i continued drinking them after we hit the bars. long story short, i got pretty tore up. luckily, not sick. i think i'll have to stick to malt beverages from now on.

aaron told his pops he accepted an offer from boone. i don't know what i was expecting, but he was clearly upset. honestly, i don't know how it could have been much of a surprise. both of us have clearly expressed we don't want to move back to southern illinois. i guess the finality of it all caught him off-guard. so yeah, i'm gonna be a high-country girl this time next year.

last week i went to a boutique in springfield to buy bridesmaids gifts. of course, i wanted to buy everything. i got some cute gifts for the girls. i did come home and search the pages of ebay for a cheaper version of everything. i found a betsey johnson handbag, it arrived today. oh, the smell of real leather. i'm finally gonna retire my studded satchel. it's seen better days.

i have also been on a quest to find a halloween costume. i was gonna try and be some type of bride. i.e. dead bride, redneck bride. but i haven't had too much luck finding a wedding gown or even a white dress. it's so funny, cause my definition of cheesy/gawdy is someone elses idea of beautiful. i refuse to pay $80 for a dress from the thrift store. on ebay i kept getting outbid at the last second. i couldn't believe how in demand these dresses are. i ended up buying a costume online, it's crunch time and i needed something fast. how easy the internet has become my saviour.

right now, i'm in the process of burning our music library. adrian's on a quest to make an uber library. so far, i've burned one drawer full of cds. 1036 songs, 2 days of music. 3 more drawers to go. i gave him the huge binder of music to burn in his spare time. he sent me a list of everything he has so far, 7323 songs. we have entirely too much time on our hands!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

i hate plato and uranus too

i took two big bags of clothes up to platos closet today, thinking i'd get a pretty penny for a majority of it. nope. out of the 30 or so pieces, they took two and paid me $4.90. i could see the little notes the girl was writing. basically she wrote that i was out of style. i've come to the conclusion that i have to buy something and take it right over there in order for it to remain in fashion. the funny thing is that i had bought a few of the pieces from there a few weeks ago. a big WHATEVER! i made fun of aaron when he took his clothes over and they told him his clothes were too mature. now look at me, i'm mature and out-of-style. i took my earnings and bought a coffee.

Monday, October 09, 2006

shower me with your love

had the first of two showers this weekend. it's so weird being the center of attention. i guess i need to get used to it since i have at least four more events where i'll be front and center. including the nuptials in less than a month! i've included some of the photos that diane took. wished i would have gotten a group shot with everyone together. it was fun.

afterwards, jamie, jennaya and i, along with the boys, headed out to jim edgar state park for a little camping action. it was COLD! it shouldn't come as a surprise that i just registered for a portable camping heater! so much for roughing it.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

sign of your time

signs you've become "responsible" among other things

1. you own and operate a paper shredder
2. you purchase your stamps by the roll
3. you get your car fixed immediately
4. you plan meals
5. when looking for houses you consider school systems
6. new carpet gets you giddy
7. you know merlot, chardonnay, pinot, reisling
8. the shoes you purchase have heels
9. you get clothes tailored
10. the last concert you went to ended at 9:30p

Monday, October 02, 2006

carpet nightmare

thursday and friday i literally spent both days trapped in the house. we decided to go ahead with the new carpet install. i was told they would begin at 9am and complete the two front rooms and the hallway. 11a rolls around and no one shows or calls. i phone to find out what the hold up is and they tell me they're loading up the truck as we speak. cool. 11:30a one of the installer calls and asks where our house is located. ok. 12:48p they show up. not the savoriest of characters. i overheard one conversation, "did you hear about that guy from that trailer park that assaulted someone? he got 4 years, with our records we'd get 12." what the hell. aaron calls and asks if i'm gonna stay home the whole time. hell yes. apparently they didn't bring all the carpet they needed so they only got two rooms done. we ask when they'll get there tomorrow. they tell us nine, we're the first house on the list.

friday morning rolls around, 9a comes and goes. 10:30a aaron calls and starts freaking out. "call them now, they have to be done by 5p so we can get on the road to st. louis." i hang up the phone and it immediately rings. "this is the installer, we're gonna pick up the carpet, pick up some tools and we'll be on our way." okay. 1p and two guys show up. i tell them they have to get done by 5p and they said they would. 3:30p and two more guys show up. apparently they they had to call in the reserves. now they're scrambling to get things done. luckily they got everything done and it looks decent. i did discover i can watch tv on the internet. i caught up on all the shows i had missed the following week. (ugly betty, csi, grey's anatomy) this may not be a good thing.

we made it to the lou in time to meet caraway and jeff to catch a good game. cards actually won! we went out for a few drinks afterwards and got home at 2:30a. long day.

saturday we spent most of the time moving furniture and running errands. we've decided to take the t.v. out of the bedroom. we'll see how long this lasts. we met up with a large group to celebrate katie, aaron and rocki's birthday at pao. sushi galore! headed over to sach and tait's afterwards for a little pre-partying. then headed out to the smoke-free bars. ahhhh! another late night.

two back-to-back softball games today. one win and one lose. weekend turned out pretty good considering how it started.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

toots tomorrow

nick asked me to cover for him while he's in colorado for a wedding. luckily we coordinated an "on call" arrangement so i don't have to report to work at 8 a.m. i could tell that might be a problem since i didn't get to work at IT this week before 9.

it's funny how different his job is to the one we left. he's supposed to make things look gawdy to make it appear like dealerships didn't spend money on advertising but instead are passing on the savings to you. hopefully i can manage if need be.

tomorrow night we're headed down to stl for another toots show. i think this may be a yearly ritual. toots and the maytals at harrahs. should be fun. better be fun, jeff!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

the devil

on our trip out west, i bought and read the devil wears prada. partially to help with flying anxiety and to occupy the massive layovers we had. although this trip was by far the worst flying experience i've ever encountered. i don't know how many times my stomach dropped and my heart raced. perhaps a sign/omen that coos bay wasn't for us. they'll send aaron an offer in a few days but our minds are pretty much made up. not that there wasn't a lack of effort, but we both couldn't picture ourselves settling there. settling? can't believe i just typed that.

for some reason about 95% of the books available at the airport have to deal with government, law, espionage or gawdy romance. so i opted to read something a little more fun and upbeat, so prada it is. i haven't seen the movie, but i might after reading the book. i always like to compare books i've read with the theatrical versions. i like to see how much of the story they leave out because of time constraints.

i'm not sure if it's based on fact or if it's entirely ficticious, but if it holds any shread of truth my opinion of the rich and famous is now tainted beyond belief. i've seen too many "how celebrities spend their money" shows that there's no help in mending my thoughts. i did find myself saying "ahn-dre-ah," dragging it out as much as possible every time i read it. funny how that works. it's a good read. i told aaron he should read it...his response...yeah right, it's all about fashion, who cares. it's about 25 percent about fashion (i knew about 50 percent of the designers mentioned which means he'd know none!) the rest is about interpersonal relationships. ha, total chick flick/book, i suppose.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


lori's coming down this weekend to have a make-shift baby shower, dinner and gifts. unfortunately, i'm going to miss it cause we're flying out to oregon again. i'm already not looking forward to this trip. i wonder if it's going to effect how i fly tomorrow.

i did have fun looking at all the outfits when searching for a gift. i've been putting the pressure on old awes. trying to convince him we can be a few months preggers when we get hitched. for some reason he's steadfast against it and always has a reasonable excuse why we shouldn't. first, we're not having a child out of wedlock. 2. you'll be 8 months when we move. finally, do you want to have morning sickness on your honeymoon? of course he's rational about the whole situation. but don't be surprised if we come back from jamaica with baby on board!

i've gotten a few freelance jobs in all the commotion. i really wanted to not worry about working while doing all this interviewing. but i can't really pass up these opportunities. it feels weird to not have any money coming in. aaron and i agreed that i could quit because his income this year would be equivilent to both our incomes the past 4 years. we were living comfortably, so we really didn't think it would be that big of a deal. i don't think he realized that he would have to actually give me money in order to make this work. i still have car payments, braces payments, student loans that still need to paid. i had paid all our home expenses cable, phone, electric, gas, cell phones. he had a rude awakening when he became the primary bread-winner.

so i have been done with the illinois times for almost a month now. i think i worked 45 minutes the last week i said i would work. basically i called in every morning, asked if they needed me. they seemed to have everything under control. they call me occasionally, but for the most part i'm done. big ups to me for finally getting out of there.

nick called me and wants me to work for him later this month. one stipulation: i can't do a better job than him. ha! silly boy.


aaron walked away with a contract in hand. all of a sudden oregon is a strong possibility. now we're pro/con-ing nc vs. or

what a crazy week. attendings pushing aaron to stay here as faculty. karen calling and saying she has a lead in seattle. we fly out thursday to coos bay. wedding, wedding, wedding! ugh! i don't think we have a free weekend from now until mid-november.

kathy griffin is coming to springfield the day after we get back from jamaica. i'm in. there goes another weekend.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


we're in salem, oregon right now. aaron's talking shop with the other docs this evening sans me. i did tour the area this afternoon courtesy of the office manager and a few of the wives. it's so uncomfortable for me. i've never been much of a small talker and that is all you do. especially when you don't really have anything in common.

the area is beautiful, the city is perfect. it's crazy how similar it is to springfield size wise and the fact it's the state capital but that's basically where the similarities end. it's a little more alive. lots of hippies and alternative people we noticed walking around. i was telling aaron that over lunch the ladies were discussing al gore's movie about global warming and how it hit a nail on the head. hippies come in all shapes, sizes and apparently monatary status.

i called jeff kehrer to see if we could meet up while we were out here. he was suiting up to fight a fire on the oregon/idaho border. jeff's a fire jumper now, fighting wild fires all over the state. he didn't know how long he would be gone. he could be gone for days sometimes weeks. we may get to see him when we come out here again next week. crazy jeff!

there's so much to do. tomorrow we're heading to one of the thousands of state parks nearby. can't wait. jeff recommended a place called silver falls. a park that has 10 waterfalls and lots of nature trails. i'm sure i'll have pics to post after tomorrow.

i still can't adjust to the time change. i had a hard time on the east coast and now on the west. not really my body adjusting, but when my tv shows are on. my dad and brother got me addicted to big brother again and now i can't figure out what's on when.

Friday, September 01, 2006

random acts of weirdness

today there was a huge, white box on our doorstep from jane. jane is aaron's dad's weird girlfriend. i pick it up and am surprised at how light it is. upon opening it i find three inflated mylar balloons. nothing more. no card, no letter of explanation. one balloon says, "aaron, you're a star. congratulations!" you're thinking -- what a nice gesture. anyone who knows or has met her is thinking -- what a weirdo.

i called aaron to tell him about it. "what are they for?" he asks. "is there a card or something?"

so i'm not alone in my thinking. i could probably write a book about miss jane and the random, stupid things she does. maybe i'll post them and let you be the judge.

mark and jane started dating soon after aaron's mom passed away. so they've been dating about 5 years. they're both in their 50s, but act like they're in a dysfunctional high school relationship. there's so much drama and it's one of the main reasons i refuse to move to carbondale. nate, danny and carrie have had to deal with it on a first-hand basis and we've only heard stories as they trickle up north.

one, for instance. nate calls us and tells us how he just had to pick up mark at dairy queen because jane kicked him out of the car in murphy.

another. she owns a condo in edwardsville that she never stays in. one of danny's friends was getting treated for cancer in st. louis so she offers her condo as a place for his family to stay. of course they accept. little did they know that the place is unliveable. she hasn't unpacked any boxes and there's nothing to really sleep on. i felt embarrassed for danny as well as the rest of the family.

i could go on. it's just a culmination of these little things that make it hard for the family to accept her. if she would show a little sincerity in the things she does, maybe i'd change my opinion of her. but i along with 95 percent of the family thinks she has alterior motives. a black widow of sorts. (i watch too much crime drama)

Thursday, August 31, 2006

a stitch or four

i cut my finger today with a pair of gardening shears. yes, gardening shears. a pair that i forgot on the trunk of aaron's car along with a lock and a set of keys. i had to pick him up from work and when i got out of the car, there was the lock still sitting apparently making the entire drive across springfield. the keys and gardening shears, not so lucky. on my way back home, i saw them in the middle of the road, right before turning onto our street. i backtracked, picked up the keys and shears which had been run over a few times. the keychain demolished, the shears damaged as well.

i decide to see if they were still usable by pruning a plant out front. got a little snip-happy and sliced through my index finger. ow. i started dripping blood, aaron pulled in right about this time took a look and said i might need stitches. i applied pressure, put a bandaid on and decided to wait it out. the bleeding stopped, wasn't oozing anymore so i thought it would be okay. aaron wanted to take another look at it to see how deep it actually was. pulled the bandaid off, started bleeding again. trip to clinic, four stitches, couple of tylenol and i'm doing better. the numbing meds have worn off, have a slight throbbing sensation but i think i'll live.

first set of stiches ever, at least that i can recall, my parents might say otherwise. stitch-free till 31.

Monday, August 14, 2006

free shipping

i can't refrain purchasing from any merchant that offers free shipping. i see an item i want, i add said item to shopping cart and presto-chango transaction done. **spend $15 more dollars and you receive free shipping.** wait a second. that's a deal i simply can't pass up. my shipping costs just about equal that amount so why not spend the extra $5 for another unnecessary item.

here's my folly. i buy one particular item i want for say $20. in order to get free shipping, i have to spend another $80 in merchandise. should i pay the $10 in shipping and handling or shoot for the free shipping? i, of course, shoot for free shipping. i am now stockpiled with baby shower gifts galore. inner logic. can't have too many baby gifts nowadays!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

she's sew fly

with aaron gone i've decided to make this evening an unofficial girls night. me, marley and bosco! i went and rented mean girls, bought some hair dye and started working on a new skirt. they're both crashed out on me as i type this, completely unaware of all the fun we're going to have! aaron called me with an onofficial "board" update. got through his pathology and was headed back to start the next phase. so far so good. gonna have me a board certified dermatologist shortly. three more days of work and then i'm free! whoopeee!

here's the finished product:


update on aaron. he's back. derm boards were the hardest test he's ever taken in all his years of medicine. at least he was making educated guesses. he said, "everyone walked out a little dumbfounded. no amount of studying could have prepared anyone." i have faith he did well!

i've worked a total of 45 minutes the past 2 days. the process of phasing myself out has begun. tomorrow i'll probably go in for a little while, to make sure the paper gets sent. i set up my flight for maryland tomorrow afternoon to ensure i don't get sucked back in. so long IT!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

california roll

i found a blog of a girl i went to high school with. i didn't know her, only that she dated a fellow classmate and we were in a few AP classes together. surprising since our school was so small. i spent most of last night reading what was accessible. holy crap, this girl is/was nothing like i remembered her in high school. i felt like i was reading a bad romance novel, trying to put pieces together i didn't have access to. she's pretty much an open book and i was amazed at how freely she was sharing such personal information. i'm in a great quandry...should i befriend her so she knows i've been reading or should i continue to read anonymously?

aaron left today for chicago. gonna get his board on! i bust out the korean/asian cooking when he's away. gonna make some california rolls tonight, yum!

nate and katie will be here tonight. can't remember why they said they were coming. i've rested up for the occassion. i slept til noon and then proceeded to take a 2 hour nap. well rested! you bet!

real estate game

i've spent the last two days looking up houses in boone, nc and surrounding areas. we haven't officially decided to move there but i'd say our chances are quite high. i just can't believe how expensive houses are. for what we paid for our 3 bedroom, 1700 sq.ft. ranch house here in springfield we can get a glorified trailer in boone. now we have to decide a) do we want an inexpensive house that we'll have to remodel? or b) do we bite the bullet and pay more for move-in ready house? what's sad is most of the expensive houses i've looked out have shitty interiors. i almost feel like screaming, "if i'm gonna pay $800,000 for your house at least have a decent kitchen and put away the deer carcasses. people, get a clue and watch a few home improvement shows." i've been so underwhelmed.

here's my plan and why i've been looking at houses. of course, things may change, you never know what life has in store. according to my calculations, by the time we move, i should be close to 8 months pregnant. yeah, i'm hitting it my wedding night! aaron wishes i'd reconsider, but i'm getting old. and i need to get this baby factory open for business!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

flavor of love

when i can't sleep i cruise the tube. last night i found myself watching flavor of love 2 i got sucked in, fast. within the first 10 minutes there was a brawl over the bed situation. knock down, drag out, weave pulling, i mean they were going crazy at it. when all was said and done one got booted, but not before she offered up some "chaps," that's chapstick. bascially it's the normal reality show, girls vying for flavor flav's money, i mean love. let me skip to the whole reason for this post. at the end, when flav gives the girls there oversized clocks to signify they get to continue on, there's a little wine toasting and ba-bam. one of the girls shoots to the floor and then runs up the stairs. everyone looks around and apparently it starts to smell. they start up the stairs and they run across some poop on the stairs. the girl had pooped her panties/thong i'm sure.

flav was all cool about it. poor girl. i did find it funny but i could sympathize at the same time. if you have lactose intolence, you know what i mean. the pain of an irritable bowel. almost unbearable. hyperdermics stabbing you in the gut over and over. sometimes shit happens. ha ha!

buy us stuff

almost forgot. we spent time this weekend actually registering for our wedding.

buy here or if you really want to spend money buy here

for all you midwest peeps. famous is becoming macy's next month so you can find the registry there as well.

week in review.

last wednesday we watched the cardinals lose, in person, to the phillies. joe and kate shared two tickets with us. great seats. hot as hell. 98 degrees at game time. 94 degrees when we left. kate challenged me to a jalepeno-eating contest. she won, i suffered the rest of the night. literally.

thursday night: girls night out. went out with some of the nurses aaron works with along with jamie, christie and satch. frozen lemonades and popcorn, yum. got home by 10:30 and worked on a freelance project til 4:30 a.m. woke up at 7 to finish by 9. got it done and over with to keep my weekend open.

friday: slept til noon, had lunch with jamie and jennaya, hung out with jamie the rest of the afternoon. went out for appetizers and saw the ballad of ricky bobby. had to wait in line for an hour. and i think we were the oldest people there. funny movie. "i'm a winner, i wake up in the morning and i piss excellence." one liners galore.

saturday night: party at syam's. met a surgery resident who was a military brat. crazy, i've rarely met one out and about. she's 5 years older than me and went to university of maryland in munich a year before i went. of course it had moved to augsburg by then, but it was crazy we went to the same undergrad. hit the bars afterwards. for some reason everyone likes to go to floyds. it's fine but i'd rather go somewhere else, perhaps with a beer garden. i can't wait til the no smoking law becomes effective. aaron said before we left he didn't want to go to catch. where did we end up? catch. i can understand why he hates it. the people there are jerks. i felt like everyone was intentionally bumping into us. we met up with nick and brooke and didn't get home til 3. regular party animals.

aaron takes his derm boards sunday and monday. then i fly out next wednesday to maryland. can't wait. i get back the following wednesday, hop in a car and drive out to north carolina for another interview and aaron's grandpa's memorial. come back. have a week of rest and then we head out to salem, oregon for another interview. get back saturday and fly out the next week to coos bay, oregon. insane. we should know afterwards where we'll end up. but right now we're leaning to north carolina. the set up is almost too sweet to pass up. busy, busy, busy.

last day of work. aug. 16. yes.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

happiness via particle matter

a couple of months ago i purchased the complete first season of pee-wee's playhouse on dvd. a couple of weeks ago they started airing it on the cartoon network. 11e/10c. a little mental esp with the execs at the network. sure seems like it.

talk radio is now on nick@night. i don't think i'll ever leave the confines of my house. i'm slowly getting sucked into reality television. or should i say "not-so-reality" tv. current must sees: project runway, hells kitchen & big brother 7. speaking of big brother 7, will's back. remember the doctor will i wrote about a few months ago. the one who's a derm d.o. in florida. he's back on the tube. nickname: dr. evil everyone lovingly calls him. more like big prick, but he knows how to play the game. i won't be surprised if he wins this season too.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

photo barrage

busch in the beginning

the haze

busch rains down

early storm warning. unfortunately when i wanted to take another photo we were ushered indoors.


saturday, grants farm with the kiddies. 7 kids and not one of them mine! :(

Friday, July 21, 2006

busch blasted

braves vs. cardinals

last night we headed down to st. louis to see the 3rd game of the series. 7 pm it's 98 degrees and they just get done throwing out the first pitches. yeah, plural. off in the east a wall of darkness approaches. 7:10 they drag out the tarp and have difficulty keeping it down. poor groundskids. they start dragging out every motorized vehicle to hold the tarp down. gusts of wind stir up dust from a nearby construction sites. a haze covers the stadium.

luckily our seats are covered so we're not too worried about anything. we sit for another 10 minutes. the temperature drops 10 degrees. all of a sudden it starts pouring rain. not that big a deal. a little rain never hurt anyone. kids are playing in it, most of the players are still in the dugout, pitchers are signing autographs in the bullpen. all of a sudden the rain starts coming in from the right. yeah, horizontally. so much for the covered seats. everyone starts running for cover. the field starts to flood.

aaron wants to wait it out. ushers start telling us we have to go below, into the galley area. they are making announcements but we can't understand anything. the winds are blowing hard. i'm a little worried. are they announcing a tornado approaching? we head below. cramming in with the thousands of other fans. it's not as bad as we thought. had plenty of room to move around. when the rain dies down around 8 we decide to head home. thinking there's no way they can play with the field as wet as it was.

we drive out and turn on the radio and hear about the traffic problems on the bridges. tractor trailers overturned, bricks flying off buildings onto the eads bridge. we decide to head to mlk. on our way, we see tree branches in the streets, street lights lying in the middle of the road, construction barricades spewed everywhere. a pretty big storm. we get an hour away from st. louis turn 1240 on and awesome the game's in progress! unbelievable, no monsoon is gonna stop baseball. second time we've left a game that they ended up playing 2 to 3 hours later. if we didn't live so far away, we would have stayed. but we're old, we work and driving home at 1 in the morning doesn't sound appealing to either of us.

deryk and melissa were going to the game as well and ended up spending an hour in their car in the parking lot waiting out the storm. deryk wrote us today and said they're still without power. 102 degrees today...i don't know what melissa did with two little ones. we're supposed to head down there this weekend to see all aaron's med school buddies at deryk's. hopefully the power will be back on by then. crazy evening.

$40 tickets
$10 parking
$20 food
$40 gas

cards win 8-3

i took photos but i haven't located that camera cord...goal for tomorrow: find cord.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

when you open this valentine...

i've been going through my senior slam book and it's amazing all the crap i saved from high school. yes, a majority of it is crap. for some odd reason, i have taco bell burrito wrapper dana sent me in there. i think it was to remind me of all the things we didn't have living in germany. i also saved receipts where i wrote the name of the movie on the back: candyman, love potion ..9, zebraman. what the hell. it's so funny looking back on the things i thought were important at the time. and you know what, i'm not going to throw any of it away.

when you open this valentine, think of me...
...that way, we'll be thinking about each other!

Happy Valentine's Day Susan,
I hope you have real cool day.
a. What are you doing tonight?
b. Do you want to do something?
Anyways...I"m glad your finally back from Berlin.
I really have missed you while you were there.
I think of you all the time.
Well I'll talk to you more later.
Love Erik

silly boys.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

saga continues

here's my letter of resignation:



I am writing to you today to officially tender my resignation from Illinois Times effective Wednesday, July 26, 2006. I no longer have any desire to work at the Illinois Times either on a full-time or part-time basis. I will start working part-time next week to help Joe transition into his new position. I will not need any health insurance while working here part-time.



Susan - I'm very sorry to hear it, as I'm sure others will be.

I would like to sit down for a few minutes this afternoon after the paper gets out - not to change your mind but to hear what's on it. At 2pm? 2:30?
Let me know.



Ive very pleased to let you know we have a new face joining our production dept Monday morning: Please take a moment to say hello to Kim. Kim recently completed her post baccalaureate study at the Art Institute of Chicago after earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Bradley University in May 2005. Her family lives in Galesburg (convenient for visits to our printer) -- so shes new to Springfield. (She and her dog are still looking for the right place to live if you have any hot tips for her Im sure shed appreciate hearing them.) Kim will be easy to pick out of the crowd since she has a broken foot and comes equipped with crutches!

Everyone already knows Joe but somehow I failed to properly introduce him when he arrived about a month ago. (Im very sorry Joe) Joe is a Springfield native, graduated from Lincoln Land Community College with a liberal arts degree in May 2002 and completed his BA in graphic design at Eastern Illinois University in May 2005. Joe has already done some fine work for the paper now he and Kim will have the chance to work together and do even more.

Of course the sad part about all this is that after nearly 5 years on staff, Susan will be leaving the paper in a few weeks. Last week she officially scaled down to part time (look for Susan Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning) By early August she will fade out of IT altogether to take on freelance assignments and get ready for her wedding this fall. Susan has done wonderful work and been a tremendous asset to the paper sharing her creativity, efficiency at multi-tasking (!) and commitment to always getting the job done. Later in the month well figure out a good time to buy her a few beers and let her know how much she will be missed. In the meantime were very grateful to have her here to show our two new production staff members the ropes.



Susan - when you get a minute this morning would you come up and see me? (I have an 8:30 meeting but it shouldnt take long)

Obviously, despite our very best efforts were back to square one finding the second person for the department so it is critical that I understand what you can / cant do in terms of time as I try to resolve this hiring situation.



new girl quit after one week.

i had to edit and take out names. i came back monday morning and joe told me kim had quit over the weekend. this was a surprise to me, i thought she was adjusting just fine. apparently she decided to take a scholarship and attend grad school. i don't understand, if this was a possibility, then why did we hire her. my personal opinion, she was completely overwhelmed. apparently sharon took kim and joe out to lunch on friday and soon after she decided to quit. i'm sure she said something that didn't sit right, she always seems to put her foot in her mouth. joe found out kim was making more money, so he's gonna demand more. sharon's in for a rude awakening.

Monday, July 17, 2006


the past couple of weeks i've been listing items from my grandma's on ebay. first item i listed sold for $686. the whole family watched the auction down to the last second. it literally shot up $100 with 5 seconds to go. we were all amazed and excited. i don't think anything else will fetch as much. what sold? a tin switchboard operator toy. a freaking toy!

in all my excitement with ebay, i let my guard down. today, i have a james bond model kit listed and i got an email asking me if i'd ship to new jersey. hello?? i hit respond, type in my username and password and type: yes, i ship to all 50 states. i'm thinking, "what a moron." it clearly says i ship throughout the united states in the listing. ding! damn it, i quickly backtrack and sure enough i got burned by a phisher. i start freaking out. why? because i'm the moron that uses the same password for everything involving cyberspace. i change my password for ebay, hotmail and attempt to change my paypal account. of course paypal is much more difficult than anticipated and i have to call and sit on the phone for an hour to get this done. i think i'm ok now. hopefully i can remember all my new passwords. so far, so good.

in other news: can we have a moment of silence for aaron spelling.

current 2006

current 2006

we actually stayed the whole weekend this year! amazing!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

so ill

why i decided to share this...i have no idea.

this morning i got up and gussied myself up for work. popped an antibiotic pill on my way out the door. didn't think anything of it. got to work, settled in for the day when nausau set in. i get this immediate urge to vomit. the blood just drains from my head...i run to the bathroom and sit on the toilet with my head between my legs. nothing. i go out to my car and lay down on the back seats. nothing, still feeling super sick. i go back inside and tell everyone i've got to go. grab my keys and head out the door. i get a block down the road and my lips go cold. i pull off into a restaurant parking lot and proceed to puke into a blanket in my car. yeah, i'm that nice. i refrained from grossing out the patrons of the restaurant coming out to their cars after a hearty breakfast. i get home, throw the blanket in the wash and head straight for bed. two hours later, after a nap and a warm shower, i feel 100% better. i can't even remember the last time i puked when alcohol wasn't involved. here's my moral. when something says it may cause nausau, it will cause nausau with me.

i turned in my letter of resignation tonight. no full time, no part time. i'm officially done working at the illinois times, wednesday, july 26. yeah for me. a weight has been lifted for good.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


we finally have the wedding booked and payed for. unbelievable, i know. november 4th in negril, jamaica. sorry, you're not invited...unless you are of blood relation and in our immediate family. a super small wedding. i also have my wedding dress bought and hanging in the closet along with the bridesmaids dresses. things are rolling along...

now it's my responsibllity to plan the reception. i have an idea of what i want, making it a reality...that's another story. next friday is my last day working full time. luckily kristin isn't working this summer and said she'd help me out with the reception. i'll have to take her up on it. dad gave me some money to plan this shindig and it's nice to have cash in my account. but i'm sure it'll quickly get drained once i start organizing this thing. weddings have an uncanny way of doing that.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

a little birdie told me

doing a few domestic duties today and i come across two baby birds lying in the fresh mulch we layed monday. i'm talking baby, feathers, eyes still shut, visible veins. i call aaron over and we try and figure out where they came from. there isn't an apparent nest we can visibly see, so returning them isn't an option. aaron tells me there's really nothing we can do for them. of course i'm not going to just leave them as prey for the cats in the neighborhood so i decide to build them a make shift nest. a hanging basket, some twigs and a little mulch and presto - instant nest. aaron puts on some gloves and transports the birdies to their new home. as he's placing the second one in, i look over and see another baby. three of them. crazy. we placed our little bird abode by the window so we could monitor whether or not the mama would return. sure enough, both mama and papa returned to feed their brood. unbelievable, it worked. confident they would be fine we hung the nest in the tree. happy, happy, joy, joy. i almost feel like the dog whisperer...i'm awesome....ha!

Monday, June 19, 2006

the art of being patient


aaron's graduation was last friday. he's not officially an attending until next monday, but he's pretty darn close. my how time has traveled. i just realized that i've been living in springfield for 7 years now. unbelievable, i know. this, by far, is the longest i've ever lived in one place. thanks military dad.

i stayed up all night thursday night making a video slideshow for his little graduation dinner. i'm compressing the video as i type. it was a hit. i should have had business cards to pass out while there. i need to start networking. i won't talk about just infuriates me.

saturday night we went to st. louis and saw tom petty and the heartbreakers with matt and kristin. i wasn't really looking forward to it. not a humongous fan. but i did have great time. these concerts are the best places to people watch. and believe me there were about 20,000 people to watch. i couldn't believe how many people were there to see him. crazy. matt and kristin had just gone to see poison and cinderella the night before and said it wasn't nearly as crowded. i must admit, tom petty sounds exactly the same live as he does recorded which is great. now i've got tom on the brain. i think it's time to change my myspace favorite tom petty song is...

the video is 20mb. and is taking forever to upload....i'll post a link later

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

that's sooooo retro

this past weekend i spent in robinson....helping my family clear out my grandparents house in order to put it up for sale. went down with an empty vehicle, came back with a jam-packed one. a majority of the stuff i'm gonna keep, but i do have some toys and golf clubs i'm supposed to put up on ebay. i just did a quick search for the some of the items and i don't think they're gonna fetch as much as my aunts expect. (they had a special ebay pile set up in one of the rooms). it's unbelievable the amount of stuff one accumulates over the years, my grandmother, of course, is no exception. she had gift wrap for just about every occassion and every card her and my grandfather had ever exchanged. i feel weird throwing it out, but i can't take everything.

my family thought it funny, the things i decided to take home. we had a garage sale two of the three days i was there and i was able to go around and pick out anything i wanted. most of the items i got would fetch a far better penny than the vintage toys and so-called ebay items. i picked up a box of paper napkins with cool cardshark illustrations. i could sell a few of them and make some cash. crazy i know.

best item i found was a box my dad made my grandma when he was in scouts. i'll have to take a pic because it's too hard to describe what it looks like and what it contains. it just makes me wonder what it would be like for my future kids/grandkids when they rummage through my life. i did inherit a stripped, high chair my grandmother used and a baby crib i think each of the grandkids used at one time or another. it's so nostalgic, i love it.

so all of my dad's sisters were there, my cousin wynne and my parents. it was a mini reunion of sorts. we camped out in my grandma's old house, she's in an apartment now. luckily they turned on the electricity and believe it or not we were able to get wireless internet. this i found unbelievable considering the only store they have is walmart. apparently the mayor lives across the street and uses the latest in technology. i'm gonna look for wynne now....i have a feeling his browsing myspace now. are you??

Monday, May 29, 2006

wicked burn

worked an extra long day today. shitty scheduling. who schedules one of the biggest issues of the year during a holiday week miss sharon, of course. she also decides to take 2 days off to set up for a fucking garage sale. priorities, gotta love them.

i have to send half the issue tomorrow by 11am. what was really great was none of the ad reps came in today. well i guess i shouldn't say none, tia did pop in for a second, but got nothing done. i guarantee they are gonna be the reason the paper doesn't go out on time. so all the extra time and effort will probably be a waste. i'll take my vacation day next monday which will be convenient for me since my parents will be in state.

watched 4 movies this weekend. 2 in theaters (da vinci code and xmen) and 2 on video (school of rock and the ringer). yeah, i was able to squeeze some movies in between working this weekend. i also messed around with imovie. aaron and christy are having a graduation dinner and want to have a video presentation, so i've been messing around trying to make a kick-ass one. i'll actually have a video to post sooner or later.

i started taking lunesta, in fact just took one half an hour ago. i really can't tell if it's actually making a difference. it doesn't kick in right away, that's for sure. i need to change my sleeping habits, so here's my first attempt.

aaron finds this funny. he read what i wrote...why do you write so everyone can see? did you write that your dog just farted? did you write that your boyfriend just made you laugh...ha, ha. i just did.

my wicked burn...with an iron across my wrist. very wicked!

i just sent back a pair of fake jeans...this is the second pair i've gotten off ebay. damn, i'm gonna have to spend real money for real jeans. damn counterfeits!

very random thoughts...i know. must be the drugs kicking in but probably not.

Monday, May 22, 2006

in god we trust

i'm a godmother now...fancy that!

discuss amongst yourselves

this weekend i had a random, crazy dream. and, yes, i'm gonna write about it, at least a shortened version of it. i was carrie bradshaw and was at a fundraiser with charlotte (i don't know why i'm dreaming about sex in the city characters when i've only seen a few episodes) anyways, i'm at this fundraiser and i'm deep in conversation with charlotte. we both turn our heads when we overhear "myah, myah, myah, myah-myah" (how the adults speak in charlie brown). i, of course, am confused by the conversation but apparently charlotte is some sort of secret agent because she automatically senses something's wrong and tells me to run for cover. right about this time, the "charlie browners" produce automatic weapons and start spraying bullets into the crowd. people fall left and right. and i end up face against the wall shot. charlotte, also shot, lies behind me. one of the terrorists comes up and begins shooting her in the back of the head, over and over again.

i wake up. all this conspiracy talk has got my mind hijacked! matt's influence

Thursday, May 18, 2006

when its broke

a few months ago i had blood work done, aaron thought i might be anemic and wanted to double check. results: nothing unusual, maybe a little low on iron, nothing to suggest health problems. but i've progressively been getting worse. thought it could be allergies. thought it could be irritable bowel. thought it was lactose intolerence. now we're thinking it's my sleeping or nonsleeping patterns.

i've always been a night person, staying up late for as long as i can remember. mostly because of my lifestyle/career choices. but i used to sleep in when i stayed up and that's no longer the case. i go to bed at the same time, but wake up 5 or 6 hours later. my body has finally said this has gotta stop. my main to turn off my brain. lunesta hit it right on the nail, so next week i'm gonna start using a sleep aid and change my behaviorial patterns in order to get a decent night sleep.

i've been laying in the dark for 3 hours now, without any stimuli and i can't freaking fall asleep. i'm completely frustrated. it's suggested you leave your bed if you haven't fallen asleep within 15 minutes and go do something writing about this. and then try it again. here i go.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

suicide watch

yesterday i got home from work and aaron greeted me carrying a cowering marley in his arms. "i think she ate a bottle of advil." what? how? i walked into the living room and there's vomit everywhere. i get to the back bedroom and my backpack and its contents are sprawled all over the floor. she had pulled my backpack off the dresser and proceeded to ransack its contents. lotion everywhere. contact solution emptied. pens chewed. lying in the center, a chewed up bottle of ibuprofen. "how many pills were in the bottle?" i don't have a clue. i'm pretty sure it wasn't full, wishfully thinking it only had a few. but by the way she's acting, i doubted it. quick call to the vet and we're off to the emergency vet clinic. she definetely looks drugged. a little lethargic. we got there, she started to perk up from the new attention she was getting. long story short, we ended up leaving her overnight so they could pump her with i.v. fluids to flush out her system. no clue how many pills she took, she's acting as if nothing ever happened. but we've got a $400 vet bill that says otherwise.

Monday, May 08, 2006


had a great time in the 'dale. two fabulous shows and i saw a lot of people i hadn't seen in a long time. had two awkward myspace moments. friday i saw a bunch of people i originally had as friends but on my "no comment" rampage deleted. i guess it wasn't too awkward, because they hadn't noticed i was gone. so i've had to backtrack and befriend everyone.

then on saturday, i was getting my hair done and nate wanted to show gabe the funny pictures we had taken with my macbook. there wasn't any easy way to get to the i suggested going via my blog. so they're reading the titles of my blogs out loud and i don't know why, but i felt a little uncomfortable about it. probably because i'm not meant to be in a room when people are reading my blogs. it was just weird.

carrie decided to tear it up friday night. kept telling everyone that asians can't metabolize alcohol so i was way drunker than her after she did 3 shots of rumplemint. of course i was the one that drove everyone home and wasn't fondled by a hippie. ha! saturday night she took it easy and we had a very mellow evening. i did end up busting my ass on the stairs at the cellar. luckily i was near the bottom and only hit 2 or 3 steps. embarassed?? no, just kept thinking...ew, that's gonna leave a mark.

luke ended up severely spraining his ankle that night and creepy jeff got caught tp'ing carrie's room. liz, gary and i had to school jeff in the fine art of tp'ing. i think we created an intimate love nest for the birthday girl. although i don't think she was too happy about it.

my purses were a a request for one. new business venture?

i did have a fabulous meal at mrs. trovillion's saturday evening. mozerrella stuffed meatballs...the best, i don't think i can go back to plain ones now, thanks sherry!

aaron and i will be back in carbondale in two weeks for nate's birthday. i think we're gonna do a wine tour...or something along those lines. if you're interested...let me know. actually aaron will be back in carbondale next weekend for caraways graduation. i'm gonna have to pass, 3 weekends in a row is a little too much for me to handle.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

bag girl

finished carrie's birthday present and made katie one as well. can you guess who's who?


both bags are reversible. here's the reverse of carrie's.


i'm not too happy with the end result. it wasn't what i pictured in my head at all, mainly because it's difficult to read what it is from a distance. trial and error is all i have to say.

i'll be in the dale for the weekend, so watch out!

my funny friend

email i just received:

Tell BC she needs to turn away from sin and be faithful to the gospel and vote republican and she will be just fine.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

a little bribe never hurt anyone

lately when i get to work there's been a straw sitting in front of my computer. the first day i was confused until i realized what it was for. "there's something for you in the freezer." awesome. it's always a venti...biggest frappacino made. and this is how gay i am. today, we had a little set back at work. of course it's all on the ad side of things. matt's swamped and i've been picking up the slack so the paper goes out on time. after the paper's sent, he looks at me and asks...are you sure you don't want to work here part-time? i'll buy you a frap every day you come in to work. and i honestly consider this a pro in my decision making. yes, very gay. now you know my guilty pleasure.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

"will you take care of my cats...

...if i die?"

clearly this is a joke. her eyes begin to well up. "are you serious?"

what do you say? what can you say?

"you don't mean this?"

"my life is so fucked up right now."

she begins to tell me everything going wrong - job, finances, health, personal life and i start to understand why she's thinking the way she is.

i tell her things will get better. don't take what they say personally. i just keep reassuring her. i don't know what else to say.

clearly this is a cry for help. i've been on the "make her life better" bandwagon since. trying to find someone that knows someone that can help her get out of the job situation, which i think is 75% of the problem. i'm trying to get out of it myself. but she's worse off. if i had to deal with half the shit she deals with i'd have slit my wrists long ago.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

june 16

my tenure at IT will come to an end. i've given an official cease and desist date. only thing now, i've got to decide if i want to work on a part-time basis. i'm leaning more towards the no, because i know i'll be stuck with the shittier parts of the job. maybe if i come up with my own terms, my own hours, i will consider it. i've got a few things lined up. nothing official or structured. i need to get my own freelance business underway, i've been putting it off for entirely too long.

used indesign for the first time, don't know why i've been been putting it off for so long. quark and indesign are almost interchangable. i don't understand how some people can work with one and not the other. i'm not loading quark on my laptop, switching over to mac and adobe completely. aaron's been using the pc. i can't seem to dismantle the thing. it's been sitting there so long, it'd be weird to walk in and the space be empty. it's also convenient to have two computers. aaron has his and i have mine. tony said he can get me creative suite 2. i am pretty happy with what i have now, but it would be nice to have all the latest software. this baby is gonna be jam-packed.

i've gone on a spending spree. cleaned out my closet and made room for a ton of new things. i gave two huge bags full of clothes/shoes to leeanne to give to her 13 year-old daughter, she told me she ended up giving a majority of them to skylar, her 9 year-old. ego boost, i've got the body of a 9 year-old.

i wore one of the skirts i made today. nobody asked me if it was hand-made, so i'd say it was a success. i've got to hem and put a zipper in skirt 2. maybe a project for the weekend. pics to come.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

beef ramen

not a good thing, to be home alone with nothing better to do than surf the net. came home today and found another pair of my sunglasses obliterated by miss marley. i have no idea where she found them, i'm almost positive she pulled them off the kitchen table. devil dog. where can i find another cheap pair that are fairly fashionable? ebay, of course. found a quick ending auction and won a pair of boho, fashionista pair. we'll see if i actually wear them.

consequently, i've been on the internet for the past 3 hours. haven't budged from this spot just yet. why beef ramen? my hands smell like the stuff and i keep telling myself to go wash them, but a good song starts playing, so i'm in a vicious cycle. surf, smell, song. ahhhh.

aaron went to the cardinals/pirates game tonight with the caraways. only had one spare ticket. which is fine. i like having a little time alone. had 2 tickets to blast! and considered goin solo. changed my mind after getting home late from work and tried to give the tickets away an hour before showtime. no takers!

ok, i'm going to wash my hands now and get a bite to eat. maybe you'll get to see my recent purchases in a few days!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

fire, fire

what a productive and fun weekend.

friday night semens had a bonfire and meal for the residents to meet his histo techs and to see his new lab. we ended up staying there til midnight. as we were leaving, jamie stood up holding hayden and quickly fell back on a hay bail. had a bit too much to drink. she then asked if someone would help her walk with the baby, so i knew she was in no shape to drive. we get to the cars, put her baby bag in and i ask her if tom's gonna drive and she says yes. cool. as we're pulling out i see she's in the driver's seat and i pull up behind them, get out and ask her if she wants me to drive. she quickly says that would be a good idea. so tom hops in with aaron and i drive jamie and the kids to their place. we're on the complete opposite side of town and i'm not sure what's the best way to get there. so i choose to go through town rather than around using the interstates. of course this proves to be a long mistake. lights are never timed right in this town. made a couple of wrong turns but we finally get there. i get out and smell something burning. does your car burn oil? oh, my we just rode all the way home with the e-brake on! i guess i should have looked a little closer at what exactly the warning lights were on the dash. i just assumed it was the check engine light, which always seems to be on in a ford. everyone was home safe, so we'll let it slide. who puts the e-brake on when you're not parked on a hill anyways. that i couldn't understand.

yesterday we ended up in new salem, camping with tom, jamie, xia, tony and the 2 marks. it was fun. actually brought marley along as well. i think we're gonna do it again some time soon. it's always nice to have a break from the norm. i think we're done camping in the dead of summer. i almost gave it up after last year's fiasco, but now i'm looking forward to it.

today spent the entire day outside, doing yard work and fixing the rotting shed in our backyard. stripped the panels off and replaced and painted new ones. felt really handy. i think i may have burned my feet in the process. i can visably see a flip-flop tan line. sweet. i was gonna avoid getting too much sun this year by getting sun-kissed tan from a bottle. of course that didn't go as planned. streak-free is never patch-free. i've been wearing jeans the past 3 days because of it. gotta hop into the shower and clean off 2 days of sweat and dirt.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

the space

i posted this as a bulletin but for some reason my bulletins aren't showing up...i think tom has it in for more. probably a good thing. i was going survey crazy.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

quite possibly the worst. . .

wasted 8 bucks on quite possibly the worst movie EVER! easter sunday we decided to catch scary movie 4. it was about the only movie danny hadn't seen. i guess he's been a bit of movie mogul down in carbondale. we get there for a fairly early show, 7:40pm. mistake number one. of course there's a ton of teeny-boppers who think they're comedians and don't mind using the confines of a theater to show off their latest acts. i absolutely hate tweeners and when they're in the group setting it's almost unbearable. let's sit on laps, yap it up on cell phones and holler out during the previews. (damn, i'm a bitter, old lady)

the movie finally starts and of course it's riddled with sexual inuendos, which i expected. but not a single one was the least bit funny. i think i may have cracked a smile, maybe twice the whole time. the thought did cross my mind, maybe i'm too old for this. but no one else was laughing as much as one would think. another problem i had was that it referenced movies i hadn't seen. so if there was a joke, it was totally lost on me. i did a quick seach on and and i can't even understand why it has any good reviews. maybe my taste in film has become a bit more refined. ha. right, this movie sucked. it was barely an hour long, it wasn't remotely funny and it was definetely not worthy of a theater viewing.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

easter tacos

nate and katie brought danny up to springfield this weekend so he wouldn't spend the holiday alone. mark and jane decided to head to egypt for two weeks and left him to fend for himself. no worries. tomorrow we're gonna have a taco feast, no easter ham in this house. since danny is very particular with what he eats, usually things that involve the word pop. (i.e. soda, tart, sicle) we decided to have mexican. it was either this or chicken nuggets, which he had tonight at dinner. we'll top off the evening with a little family outing, involving sequel number 4 to scary movie. i haven't seen 2 or 3, apparently it doesn't matter. i was trying to convince the boys to see failure to launch which becky told me was hilarous, but was quickly out-voted. damn westphal boys, why'd there have to be so many of them. i'll never get to see any movie i want.

today, first game at new busch, and it was fantastic. cards win 9-3. i've got pictures to post. i don't know why, but baseball is about the only spectator sport i can watch...that and competitive cheerleading and tennis. ha. nba finals, superbowl...absolutely no interest. throw in some pom-poms and i'm hooked. dana, dana, dana...i'm gonna have to go digging for some cheesy cheerleading photos. next task.

came home from the game to a tie-dyed carpet. purple and baby blue. marley dragged a full container of cranberry juice out of the cupboard and somehow deposited it sporadically all over our carpet. the funny thing about it, on the way down to the game i was trying to convince aaron we needed new carpet sooner than later. he thinks we can wait til we're gonna sell the house. marley must have been feeling my carpet argument, because no sooner did we discuss it, nate called and reported the news. that's my girl! :)

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

tick you

i'm all for nature and the outdoors, but freaking bugs, namely ticks, irk the hell out of me. walked the dogs down south this past weekend and sure enough found 3 of the bloodsuckers on me. not sure if they're the cause of my extensive bugbite collection. but i'm sure it's a safe bet they are. what i don't understand is why both my dogs came out unticked. they're crawling through brush, dodging bushes, running through the thickets and i'm the one covered with them. every little itch i get, i immediately think it's one both aaron and i missed. yes i had him do the primate thing and check me completely over. i sat all day at work monday and scrutinized every little bump on my head. still not 100 percent sure if i got them all. i don't think i'll ever be satisfied til i soak in a tub full of gasoline. funny how these things begin to snowball and you realize how obsessive-compulsive you can be about certain things. my latest worry...there's a tick on me too small to be observed by the naked eye.

finished hemming a skirt tonight. probably took me just as long to make it. why is it so tedious? i think hemming and installing zippers are two of my least favorite sewing things to do. as of now at least. i'm sure that'll change when i try harder projects. katie wants me to make her a sundress. so that may be my next project. i have a feeling it's going to be extremely difficult. maybe i can convince her she needs a smock instead.

i'm actually lying in bed typing this. how convenient. free wireless rocks. the signal in here is even better. i think we're gonna just do away with our cable modem. haven't used it at all. that reminds me of a photo i took yesterday that i need to post.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

projectile vomiting

amazingly enough, i witnessed two people vomiting inches away from me this past weekend. and i'm proud to say, i was not the one doing any hurling. i won't mention any names, aw and st. ha, one's only two but can produce more then her fair share of upchuck. how many ways can i refer to puke in this paragraph, i wonder. i got a car wash out of it, so that was a bonus in a crazy sort of way.

speaking of projectile vomiting. joel, the new guy, is gone. last friday, he came to work, proceeded to insult me and basically told sharon to take the job and shove it.

details. i planned on heading over to nick's new place of business later that afternoon, so matt and i decided to clean out nick's old desk and take him any pertinent belongings. we found a huge stack of resumes, and were basically thumbing through them all and making fun of about 90f them. if you saw them, you would understand. matt mentioned something about nick only interviewing hot chicks and joel proceeded to say something that i didn't hear. which matt quickly said, "that's totally an inappropriate thing to say when you want to get a job here." and i heard joel say, "she didn't hear me anyways." damn it, what the hell did he say.

diane shows up to bring me some software, and i'm standing outside with her chatting. relaying what just happened, telling her i think joel just insulted me, but i don't know exactly what he said. out strolls joel. "leaving already?"

yeah i've got stuff to do. okay.

so i go back inside and ask matt where joel was going.

"he left?"

yeah, he said he had to work on his house or something.

back strolls becky and informs us that joel walked into sharon's office and left immediately afterwards. matt heads to sharon's office, gets the scoop and fills us in. joel went in, told sharon he wanted to work full time, she told him it wasn't going to happen immediately, he then proceeded to tell her, thanks, but no thanks. and then left. okay. then matt tells me what joel said. basically he said if nick was interviewing hot chicks he must not have applied that to me. what a tool.

i wanna quit my job, but i'll be damned if i let someone like that weasel his way in. i was the only one pulling for him too. everyone complained about how shitty he was. i am so ready to get out of there, that i was overlooking the flaws. i guess he pushed some of the wrong buttons with sharon. he only worked one day and asked sharon when he could do the cover. i heard him say it too, but i didn't think anything of it, but i guess sharon thought it was a bit too cocky. what a good word for him. matt and i sat and pondered all the signs of asshole joel exuded. it's funny the things you overlook when you want something to work out. and i so wanted this.

apparently nobody wants my job. too much work for too little pay. no surprise here. i need to get out of there, fast. but incompetent candidates are not making it easy. i'm too nice and can't leave roland hanging.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

a corky schizo

last weekend aaron and i decide to catch a bite at corky's bbq. we get there and there's a 20-30 minute wait to be seated, so we decide to sit at the bar and forgo the wait. we're sitting at the opposite end of a family of five. a few chairs between us. no one is smoking, this wasn't a bad decision after all. of course i spoke too soon.

in walks this guy and orders a double shot of jim beam, no ice. ok. then proceeds to light up one cigarette after another. damn. he orders 20 wings and a plate of fried dill pickles. this is all before we even get our drink order in. he pulls out his cell and starts talking obnoxiously loud while we're placing our order. i can hear his whole conversation about setting fires, skinning animals and getting layed (not so nicely said) over the noise of the restaurant. great he's psycho.

this is where i decide not to make any eye contact whatsoever and try to keep my eyes fixated on the tv screen above me. aaron is doing the same. the guy then gets up and asks the waitress where the garbage can is cause he wants to trash his coaster...apparently not too fond of it's message, "quit smoking today. call 1-800..." eyebrows go up. ok.

the guy then starts talking to aaron and tells him how he was just in california and he was not happy about the non-smoking laws out there. aaron then asks "what do the bars do when you light up? do they ask you to leave?" the guy starts going on about how he got into a bunch of fights. ok and how he's been kicked out of 15 bars in springfield and he's gonna make corky's 16. great.

about this time is when i think, maybe we should get a seat. aaron's one step ahead and tells the waitress we'd like our order to go. the guy turns to the man on his other side and says something, we can't hear, but immediately says "i shouldn't have said that, i'm schizophrenic." no kidding. he gets up, puts a $10 on the bar and leaves. the food he's ordered hasn't come and aaron and i look at each other in disbelief. what the hell just happened here. that was our brush with the corky schizo.

this was two weekends ago. this weekend i was very anti-social. sorry guys. aaron's been on a non-stop studying kick and i've been on a non-stop sewing kick. i re-covered the papasan chair kate gave me a couple years ago. looks awesome. and i made my sewing desk in the closet of aaron's study. been meaning to do this for a long time and i'm sure aaron's happy that all my sewing stuff is neatly confined to one area and not spralled all over the kitchen. i'll have to post new pics of my new projects soon.

in other news, nick is officially gone. yes, i'm sad. it's so weird that he's no longer there. we've got two new guys. matt and joel. their both eager to work...which is a good thing, that way i can easily phase myself out of there. i told sharon that i wanted to "phase" myself out by june. 3 months notice, it's what she asked for. she's trying to get me to stay part-time afterward, but i'm just not feeling the vibe anymore.

i did order my macbook. it should be here in a few days! yipeee!

we'll be in carbondale this weekend and st. louis the next. let me know what's up, kiddies!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

seeing spots

last time i was in the boro, i scored a ton of thread from aaron's mom's sewing collection. this past weekend, i made my first project with said thread.

behold, my messenger/laptop bag:

it even has a lining. now you know why i'm getting a laptop. ha! need something long and slender to fit in this bag. my next a-line skirt. watch for it!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


next wednesday i will officially be in my thirties.

you're 30 now, won't you be 31?

yes, yes, technically i'll be 31 but by my rationale you're not "in" your 30s til you've hit 31. maybe i should reconsider and push it back to 32. why stop there...let's just skip it all and hit up the 40s. completely irrational now. i'll be 31 next wednesday, happy birthday to me. there.

here's a little peep on a project i just finished:

turned out awesome. i'll have to get a pic of the end product and tell you how i talked aaron into investing in a laptop because of it. ha. i'm getting all giddy thinking about it. me and my toys. the new macbook is making me drool. i think we're putting off the wedding to pay for this. i've got my priorities.

speaking of weddings, someone want to plan mine? we've been pushing it off for 2 months now, i think we were a little disillusioned when we found out the destination wedding was going to be a lot more than we expected. at least at an all-inclusive resort. seriously if you're gonna post your rates online and give me airlines to choose from on the same page, then write in big, bold letters that the rates do not include the airfare. so now we're back to square one and neither one of us really wants to tackle it again. ugh! we could, technically pull it off, but that would mean a lot less money for the reception back home. maybe a burger and tots reception wouldn't be too hard for people to swallow, ha! aaron has his inservice test in early april, so we'll try to get back on board afterwards. it'll still be 8 months away. thank goodness.

last weekend we went to a live/silent auction with dr. buzzel and buesher for the montessori schoolhouse. of course we didn't win or even bid on anything auctioned live. we're way too poor, although we almost scored a brand new rascal for $200 (christy and aaron were gonna split the cost) but lost out at the last minute. it was funny, it was probably one of the most expensive things they were auctioning and it went fairly cheap, well below it's worth. aaron was going to bid on 4 cardinal box seats, but that went out the window when the bidding started at $300. we were way out of our league. dr. buzzel did end up winning them and gave 2 to christy and 2 to aaron as a graduation gift. awesome! so i guess we did win in the end. actually we did end up winning a few things in the silent auction: a little vase, a basket full of dental stuff (i scored with this one), a baby bjorn potty with a bouquet of stuff for a new baby (baby shower gift for jason and autumn) and aaron won a 5 night stay at a condo in florida (i think we're gonna have to sell this one, no vacation time for me). all in all, we had a good time.

Friday, March 17, 2006

best week ever

this is probably the worst week i've had in a long time.

let's start with last friday. jamie calls me up and wants to do a short girls night out, which is the first time she's been out since the baby was born. she only has a 2 hour window before she has to head back home to feed the baby. we meet up at breaktime, this guy approaches us introduces himself and kisses each of our hands. pretty forward for springfield. come to find out he's the comedian at the funny bone that night. he gets us in for free. and we enjoy and evening of spirits and laughter. what can be bad about this evening? the fact that i overindulged in that 2 hour span and ended up spewing when i got home. last time i did that was proably at least 2 years ago. so of course that ruined pretty much the rest of my weekend.

saturday we went to syam's party. cool house, tons of alcohol, even a keg. not in the mood to drink at all, nursed soda all night. the night lasted til 4 am. pretty much slept all day sunday. very unproductive. sunday night rolls around and bam, two tornados hit springfield. luckily we weren't in their paths, but our power was out for 12 hours. which makes us extremely blessed, considering the rest of the town.

monday, i only had to work half of day because the power wasn't restored till after 2. i feel the onset of a cold coming on.

wednesday, i'm miserable with a head cold but have to work because the paper is going out. i leave just as soon as it does to rest. nick turns in his two weeks notice and apparently paul did too. sharon told paul not to come back.

thursday, i go to work because i have this feeling that nick is not going to show up. i'm right. i pump myself full of drugs to make it through the day. i also get my braces tightened, added bonus. not to mention, i got a peel from aaron last saturday so i'm resembling a leper as well. such a pretty sight.

today, i wake up, my head still stuffed up, my mouth in pain and decide i'm not going to work. i'm gonna get some much needed rest. nope, come 8 o'clock the roofers next door start banging. and not a consistant banging where i can fall back asleep, but so sporadic i wonder what the hell they are doing. of course, now that i'm up. i haven't heard a single bang.

yes, indeed i'm having the best week ever!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

a how to guide...

.. .to screwing up your life in 4 short years.

a couple of months ago we had a message on our machine. "i know this is short notice, but i'm having people over in an hour for a big announcement."

is that who i think it is? why the hell is tp (this person) calling us? we haven't seen or spoken to him in 3 1/2 years. we don't go.

come to find out the next day what the big announcement was. tp is quitting his residency to pursue another one. ok. weird, i don't know why we were called. a few weeks later, tp is knocking on the derm door. question answered. tp tells the head of derm he is on medical leave from his current residency (has rheumatoid arthritis) and would like to do a rotation with the derm department. still weird, but they allow it, even try and help him get into a derm research program. things are moving along, some strange behavior is noticed but nothing is thought of it. half way through the rotation, the head of tp's residency calls and asks if he is rotating with them. apparently tp is not on medical leave, options were discussed but nothing was ever set in stone. tp has been ignoring pages and not seeing any of his patients. one of tp's fellow residents sees him in the hospital and reports that he is on the premises.

this catches everyone completely off guard. what the hell is going on? apparently tp has been taking fentanyl patches off cancer patients and using them himself. i'm not sure if someone actually saw him doing this or why this was suspected. he denied the allegations. was asked to submit to a drug test. found to have the drug in his system and, this is the kicker, did not have any of the drug for the treatment of arthritis in his system. so now everyone is wondering if he even had the disease to begin with. he was soon dismissed from his program, and pretty much from being a doctor forever. we've since learned that tp was treated for heroin addiction in college and has shown signs of having a manic personality. 8 years of medical training wasted.


Thursday, March 09, 2006

doctor will

"wouldn't it be hilarous if we put a picture of will in the slide presentation at your graduation party?" i asked.

"didn't i tell you who left a message on our phone today?"


"christy didn't check the messages today and there was one from will."

"what!?! no way!"

"he asked how we were doing since we got back from the academy and kept saying 'this is doctor will kirby trying to reach doctor christy dewitt, she can reach me at..."

unbelievable. first of all, i can't believe we saw him again. and second, i can't believe he made the effort and got her work number. she told me she didn't give him her cell this time around cause he kept calling her last year! crazy! i think i wrote about him about this time last year. the guy who won big brother 2, the cocky d.o. who decided to do derm. since then he's been on another reality show, battle of the network reality stars, and i think i've seen him doing true hollywood story or something along those lines. it's so weird cause most doctors haven't a clue about his claim to fame. it's a good thing my reality show obsession keeps them updated and clued in. so my idea of including his pic isn't so far-fetched! i found a sweet one!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

unproductive member of society

i always tend to be unproductive during the winter months. i may suffer from seasonal disorder and need to have uv pumped on me 24/7. the hyper-hypo shows its face once again, a side-effect of dating a doctor.

i ordered some fabric from reprodepot to combat my laziness. i haven't decided just yet what i'm going to make. since i've been glued to ebay lately, i'm getting a glimmer of inpiration from some of the fashions i see. of course i'm far from making anything of worth, i can just dream.

aaron's gone to nc this weekend, next weekend we're in carbondale, and the weekend after we're in san fran. i can't wait for san fran. i was able to convince adrian to go. i'll now have a tour guide while aaron and the others are in class all day.

i better get something done today. i need to take the un- away fast.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

just between you and me...

...i hate her. this was, by far, the funniest email i've gotten in a long time. thanks rk. you made my week.

i've been ebaying again. (is that a real verb?) it's just as addicting as myspace but costs me way more. first it was, check out how much i can get those jeans on ebay. now it's, i need a necklace to go with that shirt to go with those boots to go with those jeans. of course nothing matches. i can never put outfits together. and i'm not getting any real deals either. everyone tends to put things on there at cost or five bucks below so you're really not getting any bargains. maybe i'm just too impatient.

adrian had automatic for the people on the cds he gave totally brought back memories from way back when. i've been playing nightswimming over and over again. it's so weird how one song can stir feelings inside you that were once long forgotten.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

exerwho, exerwhat, exerfreakingsize

lately, i've had an increased number of sleepless/restless nights. more than usual. rarely have i ever just fallen asleep. unless, of course, there's been a mass amount of alcohol consumed.

i've never been a good sleeper, not for as long as i can remember. my mind always starts to race when my head hits the pillow. in college, it was convenient. i would concentrate on the projects i was working on, giving them my full attention. now, with nothing in particular to focus on, my mind tends to wonder all over the place... wedding, work, logo designs, new inventions, (i just invented the peanut butter and jelly hot dog, btw) i mean it's everywhere. i've tried countless techniques- reading, tv, music, counting sheep/anything, making up fiction, drugs - but nothing seems to work.

i've decided to make a lifestyle change. maybe if i can make my body tired, i can trick my mind into being tired as well. freaking exercise is slowly seeping its way back into my life.

this isn't the only reason i've decided to start working out. last week when i went and saw jamie and eight pound hayden, i held the new beau for roughly ten minutes before he became a hundred pound weight in my arms. when i gave him up, i felt a release of blood/energy from my arms. two minutes later i almost fainted. seriously! wtf? i realized i have absolutely no upper body strength. i either have to start working out or have one pound babies.

and then there's the time a couple of weeks ago when i went and tried on wedding dresses. suprisingly enough i think i may have found a few i like but that's besides the point. they gave me this body shaper thing that i had to put on backwards and then i had to move it around to the front. this became a very hard chore. i now realize that anyone, even with the flattest of stomachs, would have difficulty turning this thing. but i remember thinking it wouldn't hurt to tone up. so i have three good reasons to exercise. hopefully this will be enough to keep me motivated, which always seems to be my problem.

i do have a funny story about trying on dresses. i found out i'm a size zero, mainly because i don't have hips or an ass. since we're doing a beach wedding, the girl decided to bring me a bunch of prom-like dresses that were white/off-white, not too showy and big, which i was fine with. she hands me this dress and tells me it's a size six and she'll have hold it in the back so i can get an idea of what it'll look like in my size. when i put it on, the neckline is down past my naval. i couldn't believe she gave me a j-lo dress and thought i'd want it for my wedding. i come out and katie starts laughing immediately. i knew it looked stupid. we looked down at the tag, it was a size 16.

aaron's at basketball, thus explains the long entry. i've already worked out tonight. pat on back for sue! just gotta keep it up.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

who i am hates who you are

tonight was the last night aaron had an applicant dinner and social. (a catered meal usually at a residents home where they get to meet potential resident candidates in a social setting.) the first was at our house 4 weeks ago. tonight it was at adrian and katie's. adrian, i must say, makes the best mojitos. i can suck those things down like water...they're soooooo good! tonight no exception. i think i'm officially off the wagon. i'm slowly becoming a lush. i've been the designated driver for so many years it's so weird to be the one that actually needs someone else to drive. i won't complain.

sometimes you learn things about people that you would rather not know. it sucks. if i graded people on a morality curve, i think a majority of them would fail. i'm just so disappointed. it makes myspace etiquette look so trivial compared to the moral choices people are making. how can i live my life one way and at the same time condone the way you live your life? why'd you fuckers have to go and make life more complicated. damn you!

Friday, January 20, 2006

margarita olé

just had lunch with diane, jessica and randy at brio. i decided to indulge in a margarita with my meal. drinking on the job...does that mean i'm an alcoholic? just had one, so i'm not that bad. technically i didn't drink on the job, but i'm back at work now, writing a blog instead of actually working.

nick's not here again today. i think he's trying to get fired. aren't we all! i ordered my transcipts from siu the other day. apparently if you want to work for the state or any state run institution i.e. universities, it's a must. plus i don't remember half the classes i took 7 years ago, it's better if i have a written copy in hand. damn, it's been that long since i graduated from college.

is there such a thing as myspace courtesy? like a comment for comment courtesy? some people are really good and some people are very, very bad. why do i fucking care? i guess i can't really talk, some people i never leave comments for. primarily because i don't know them. don't be surprised when half of you are deleted from my friends list. again, why do i fucking care! myspace is turning me into a high school bawler.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

music trip

brooke got a new ipod for christmas, one of those sleek new ones that you can upload photos, videos and of course music. i feel mine is obsolete now! it's like when you have the oldest model cell phone, one with a green screen that doesn't have any bells or whistles. i shouldn't complain, mine does exactly what i bought if for. i uploaded 425 songs from my itunes library to her ipod. so she avoided ripping her own cds, which can be a pain. brooke was quite happy with a majority of the music i put on there. i even put the boy george video i downloaded.

i finally looked at the cds adrian made me that held his entire music collection. once i made it past the dance/club music he had a few selections on there i actually downloaded. it's so funny seeing what other people listen to. now i'm totally on this music trip. nosusanfx is back.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

honeymoon nightmare

so we decide to do this caribbean wedding. our plan: have people come down a few days before the wedding and then leave the day after. we would stay longer and combine our honeymoon and wedding all in one. mark calls today and tells us, him and jane want to stay longer and will probably extend their time. this was supposed to be the easiest part of planning the wedding and now they've gone and made it the hardest. all in one freaking phone call. i already told aaron no way! they leave the day after and that's it. i don't care if they get there two weeks before, they're leaving the day after. this is a prime example of why i can't deal with this on a daily/weekly basis. they have absolutely no clue this would be imposing. they can and do vacation 30 out of 52 weeks of the year. they could give us this one moment. damn!

Monday, January 16, 2006

i want you to want me

the baby shower was a success, it actually went better than expected. we had to postpone our bowling reservation because everyone was having such a great time. *patting myself on the back* we ended up bowling a few games and mixed it up with a little alcohol. afterwards we made way to the bar located in the alley for a few more drinks and a little karoke. i think i should be banned from the mic when i've had a few too many. i have a really bad habit of butchering lyrics even when they're right in front of me. luckily, most of the patrons are also intoxicated and apparently i did really well. yeah right. a bit untraditional for a baby shower but a good time was had by all.

wedding plans are underway. unbelievable, i know. last sunday i dragged aaron to the bridal extravaganza. what a trooper. he was one of about 12 males and about 300 females in the audience. there were a few vendors who had set up booths, we got a ballpark figure of what things are gonna cost. and having a wedding or i should say a reception isn't cheap. we've pretty much decided to wed in the caribbean, turks & caicos to be exact. we've set up an appointment to meet with a resort representative next week. right now we're looking at november 5th as the wedding date, but we won't know for sure till after our meeting. the reception will be in december, exact date has yet to be determined. this thursday i have a bridal gown consultation. i kinda know what i want, hopefully they'll have something similar and inexpensive. katie's gonna come along. that way she can check out bridesmaids dresses and be an extra set of eyes for me. so the ball is rolling.

nate and katie have been living between carbondale and springfield the last month. i think everything is coming along, both with the shop and with their new pad. katie showed me pictures of the house with a fresh coat, i should say fresh coats, of paint and it looks like a completely different house. can't wait to see it in person. i get to design the logo for the shop. which i better get on because the grand opening will be upon us soon.

jamie's getting induced on thursday. matt and kristin are coming up friday. i've got to get a plane ticket to san francisco soon. guess i could kill one bird tonight.