Thursday, September 07, 2006


we're in salem, oregon right now. aaron's talking shop with the other docs this evening sans me. i did tour the area this afternoon courtesy of the office manager and a few of the wives. it's so uncomfortable for me. i've never been much of a small talker and that is all you do. especially when you don't really have anything in common.

the area is beautiful, the city is perfect. it's crazy how similar it is to springfield size wise and the fact it's the state capital but that's basically where the similarities end. it's a little more alive. lots of hippies and alternative people we noticed walking around. i was telling aaron that over lunch the ladies were discussing al gore's movie about global warming and how it hit a nail on the head. hippies come in all shapes, sizes and apparently monatary status.

i called jeff kehrer to see if we could meet up while we were out here. he was suiting up to fight a fire on the oregon/idaho border. jeff's a fire jumper now, fighting wild fires all over the state. he didn't know how long he would be gone. he could be gone for days sometimes weeks. we may get to see him when we come out here again next week. crazy jeff!

there's so much to do. tomorrow we're heading to one of the thousands of state parks nearby. can't wait. jeff recommended a place called silver falls. a park that has 10 waterfalls and lots of nature trails. i'm sure i'll have pics to post after tomorrow.

i still can't adjust to the time change. i had a hard time on the east coast and now on the west. not really my body adjusting, but when my tv shows are on. my dad and brother got me addicted to big brother again and now i can't figure out what's on when.

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