Thursday, August 31, 2006

a stitch or four

i cut my finger today with a pair of gardening shears. yes, gardening shears. a pair that i forgot on the trunk of aaron's car along with a lock and a set of keys. i had to pick him up from work and when i got out of the car, there was the lock still sitting apparently making the entire drive across springfield. the keys and gardening shears, not so lucky. on my way back home, i saw them in the middle of the road, right before turning onto our street. i backtracked, picked up the keys and shears which had been run over a few times. the keychain demolished, the shears damaged as well.

i decide to see if they were still usable by pruning a plant out front. got a little snip-happy and sliced through my index finger. ow. i started dripping blood, aaron pulled in right about this time took a look and said i might need stitches. i applied pressure, put a bandaid on and decided to wait it out. the bleeding stopped, wasn't oozing anymore so i thought it would be okay. aaron wanted to take another look at it to see how deep it actually was. pulled the bandaid off, started bleeding again. trip to clinic, four stitches, couple of tylenol and i'm doing better. the numbing meds have worn off, have a slight throbbing sensation but i think i'll live.

first set of stiches ever, at least that i can recall, my parents might say otherwise. stitch-free till 31.

Monday, August 14, 2006

free shipping

i can't refrain purchasing from any merchant that offers free shipping. i see an item i want, i add said item to shopping cart and presto-chango transaction done. **spend $15 more dollars and you receive free shipping.** wait a second. that's a deal i simply can't pass up. my shipping costs just about equal that amount so why not spend the extra $5 for another unnecessary item.

here's my folly. i buy one particular item i want for say $20. in order to get free shipping, i have to spend another $80 in merchandise. should i pay the $10 in shipping and handling or shoot for the free shipping? i, of course, shoot for free shipping. i am now stockpiled with baby shower gifts galore. inner logic. can't have too many baby gifts nowadays!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

she's sew fly

with aaron gone i've decided to make this evening an unofficial girls night. me, marley and bosco! i went and rented mean girls, bought some hair dye and started working on a new skirt. they're both crashed out on me as i type this, completely unaware of all the fun we're going to have! aaron called me with an onofficial "board" update. got through his pathology and was headed back to start the next phase. so far so good. gonna have me a board certified dermatologist shortly. three more days of work and then i'm free! whoopeee!

here's the finished product:


update on aaron. he's back. derm boards were the hardest test he's ever taken in all his years of medicine. at least he was making educated guesses. he said, "everyone walked out a little dumbfounded. no amount of studying could have prepared anyone." i have faith he did well!

i've worked a total of 45 minutes the past 2 days. the process of phasing myself out has begun. tomorrow i'll probably go in for a little while, to make sure the paper gets sent. i set up my flight for maryland tomorrow afternoon to ensure i don't get sucked back in. so long IT!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

california roll

i found a blog of a girl i went to high school with. i didn't know her, only that she dated a fellow classmate and we were in a few AP classes together. surprising since our school was so small. i spent most of last night reading what was accessible. holy crap, this girl is/was nothing like i remembered her in high school. i felt like i was reading a bad romance novel, trying to put pieces together i didn't have access to. she's pretty much an open book and i was amazed at how freely she was sharing such personal information. i'm in a great quandry...should i befriend her so she knows i've been reading or should i continue to read anonymously?

aaron left today for chicago. gonna get his board on! i bust out the korean/asian cooking when he's away. gonna make some california rolls tonight, yum!

nate and katie will be here tonight. can't remember why they said they were coming. i've rested up for the occassion. i slept til noon and then proceeded to take a 2 hour nap. well rested! you bet!

real estate game

i've spent the last two days looking up houses in boone, nc and surrounding areas. we haven't officially decided to move there but i'd say our chances are quite high. i just can't believe how expensive houses are. for what we paid for our 3 bedroom, 1700 sq.ft. ranch house here in springfield we can get a glorified trailer in boone. now we have to decide a) do we want an inexpensive house that we'll have to remodel? or b) do we bite the bullet and pay more for move-in ready house? what's sad is most of the expensive houses i've looked out have shitty interiors. i almost feel like screaming, "if i'm gonna pay $800,000 for your house at least have a decent kitchen and put away the deer carcasses. people, get a clue and watch a few home improvement shows." i've been so underwhelmed.

here's my plan and why i've been looking at houses. of course, things may change, you never know what life has in store. according to my calculations, by the time we move, i should be close to 8 months pregnant. yeah, i'm hitting it my wedding night! aaron wishes i'd reconsider, but i'm getting old. and i need to get this baby factory open for business!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

flavor of love

when i can't sleep i cruise the tube. last night i found myself watching flavor of love 2 i got sucked in, fast. within the first 10 minutes there was a brawl over the bed situation. knock down, drag out, weave pulling, i mean they were going crazy at it. when all was said and done one got booted, but not before she offered up some "chaps," that's chapstick. bascially it's the normal reality show, girls vying for flavor flav's money, i mean love. let me skip to the whole reason for this post. at the end, when flav gives the girls there oversized clocks to signify they get to continue on, there's a little wine toasting and ba-bam. one of the girls shoots to the floor and then runs up the stairs. everyone looks around and apparently it starts to smell. they start up the stairs and they run across some poop on the stairs. the girl had pooped her panties/thong i'm sure.

flav was all cool about it. poor girl. i did find it funny but i could sympathize at the same time. if you have lactose intolence, you know what i mean. the pain of an irritable bowel. almost unbearable. hyperdermics stabbing you in the gut over and over. sometimes shit happens. ha ha!

buy us stuff

almost forgot. we spent time this weekend actually registering for our wedding.

buy here or if you really want to spend money buy here

for all you midwest peeps. famous is becoming macy's next month so you can find the registry there as well.

week in review.

last wednesday we watched the cardinals lose, in person, to the phillies. joe and kate shared two tickets with us. great seats. hot as hell. 98 degrees at game time. 94 degrees when we left. kate challenged me to a jalepeno-eating contest. she won, i suffered the rest of the night. literally.

thursday night: girls night out. went out with some of the nurses aaron works with along with jamie, christie and satch. frozen lemonades and popcorn, yum. got home by 10:30 and worked on a freelance project til 4:30 a.m. woke up at 7 to finish by 9. got it done and over with to keep my weekend open.

friday: slept til noon, had lunch with jamie and jennaya, hung out with jamie the rest of the afternoon. went out for appetizers and saw the ballad of ricky bobby. had to wait in line for an hour. and i think we were the oldest people there. funny movie. "i'm a winner, i wake up in the morning and i piss excellence." one liners galore.

saturday night: party at syam's. met a surgery resident who was a military brat. crazy, i've rarely met one out and about. she's 5 years older than me and went to university of maryland in munich a year before i went. of course it had moved to augsburg by then, but it was crazy we went to the same undergrad. hit the bars afterwards. for some reason everyone likes to go to floyds. it's fine but i'd rather go somewhere else, perhaps with a beer garden. i can't wait til the no smoking law becomes effective. aaron said before we left he didn't want to go to catch. where did we end up? catch. i can understand why he hates it. the people there are jerks. i felt like everyone was intentionally bumping into us. we met up with nick and brooke and didn't get home til 3. regular party animals.

aaron takes his derm boards sunday and monday. then i fly out next wednesday to maryland. can't wait. i get back the following wednesday, hop in a car and drive out to north carolina for another interview and aaron's grandpa's memorial. come back. have a week of rest and then we head out to salem, oregon for another interview. get back saturday and fly out the next week to coos bay, oregon. insane. we should know afterwards where we'll end up. but right now we're leaning to north carolina. the set up is almost too sweet to pass up. busy, busy, busy.

last day of work. aug. 16. yes.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

happiness via particle matter

a couple of months ago i purchased the complete first season of pee-wee's playhouse on dvd. a couple of weeks ago they started airing it on the cartoon network. 11e/10c. a little mental esp with the execs at the network. sure seems like it.

talk radio is now on nick@night. i don't think i'll ever leave the confines of my house. i'm slowly getting sucked into reality television. or should i say "not-so-reality" tv. current must sees: project runway, hells kitchen & big brother 7. speaking of big brother 7, will's back. remember the doctor will i wrote about a few months ago. the one who's a derm d.o. in florida. he's back on the tube. nickname: dr. evil everyone lovingly calls him. more like big prick, but he knows how to play the game. i won't be surprised if he wins this season too.