Sunday, August 13, 2006

she's sew fly

with aaron gone i've decided to make this evening an unofficial girls night. me, marley and bosco! i went and rented mean girls, bought some hair dye and started working on a new skirt. they're both crashed out on me as i type this, completely unaware of all the fun we're going to have! aaron called me with an onofficial "board" update. got through his pathology and was headed back to start the next phase. so far so good. gonna have me a board certified dermatologist shortly. three more days of work and then i'm free! whoopeee!

here's the finished product:


update on aaron. he's back. derm boards were the hardest test he's ever taken in all his years of medicine. at least he was making educated guesses. he said, "everyone walked out a little dumbfounded. no amount of studying could have prepared anyone." i have faith he did well!

i've worked a total of 45 minutes the past 2 days. the process of phasing myself out has begun. tomorrow i'll probably go in for a little while, to make sure the paper gets sent. i set up my flight for maryland tomorrow afternoon to ensure i don't get sucked back in. so long IT!

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