Thursday, August 19, 2004

memphis tennessee

last night we drove down to st. louis to see chuck berry in concert. it was crazy. the guy's almost 80 and he's still rockin like it was nothing. it was great!

tomorrow we're headed to a cards game and saturday we're gonna see b.b. king down by the arch. so we're gonna have a pretty packed weekend. looking forward to it all!

i just got back from the dentist so my mouth is all numb, freaking cavity. it's such a weird sensation, not being able to feel something on your body. i guess that's why people drink and do drugs.

things at home are a little strained. i don't think i am meant to have a roommate. they always seem to annoy me after a while. the only person that doesn't annoy me is aaron. is that criteria for getting married?