Wednesday, December 14, 2005

blonde moments (yes, plural)

all was well today, til i decided to do a little last minute christmas shopping. i'd browsed for about 10 minutes when i decided i needed a potty break. i went in, had a seat and looked at the lovely scarf around my neck. i was only looking at one end...damn it...i reached behind and pulled the other end out of the water. moment #1. with a little soap and water, all is well. so i walked out with my half drenched scarf, made few purchases and headed back to my automobile (totally long-duck-dong here) i got to my car and pressed the unlock button. nothing. damn it, i forgot to lock it. went to open it. still locked. what the? i pressed the button a few more times, still nothing. i looked down at the license plate...not mine...not my vehicle at all. moment #2. and finally, i decided to run through mcdonalds on the way home. everythings fine with the whole transaction. headed on my way. looked down for 2 seconds to insert straw in soda and totally ran a stop sign. moment #3. 3 in one day, spanning a total of 1 hour. impressive!