Friday, October 27, 2006

proud owner?

last night when aaron was watching the cardinals spank the tigers in the world series of baseball, i went out with a few of the ladies.

unfortunately i did not come home empty handed. you are now looking at the proud owner of: en-tice formal affair 2 piece tux set (i know for a fact that steve is a proud owner); chocolate flavored edible undies; kamasutra cool mint creme body souffle; the original motion lotion; club jenna scented bubble bath; a pocket size kamasutra royal bengal super-rich silicone lubricant; and 10 penis straws.

i had a blast. hung out at sammy's chatting and watching a little baseball. tonight we'll hopefully see the cardinals clench and tomorrow we'll be rocking st. louis! can't wait!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

world series

aaron just called me and said deryk called and offered him a ticket to tonights world series game. he said he turned it down. what?!?

"the weather's shitty, i have to rush to get down there, and i'd have to pay $150 for it."

"if i were you, i'd go. it's the freaking world series and the cardinals are actually doing something this year! you should really think about going!"

he calls me back 3 minutes later...."I'M GOING!"

thank goodness. good thing i'm here to twist his arm!

Monday, October 23, 2006

save the cheerleader, save the world

i am now addicted to heros. i'm a justified sci-fi geek through and through. with my insomnia i've learned they update the webisodes at 4 in the morning. forget tivo, i've found something better.

tomorrow i get waxed and manicured, wednesday: i get braces off, thursday: girls night, saturday: shower and bachlorette party. the wedding is creeping up on me. next tuesday we'll be in jamaica. it's gonna be a whirlwind. didn't think i'd get butterflies, but i'm starting to feel a flutter. i thought about adding a wedding countdown clock, too cheeseburger. instead here it is: your wedding is in less than two weeks.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

board certified

The directors of the American Board of Dermatology are please to inform you that you have successfully passed the certifying examination of the Board given on August 13 and 14, 2006. We extend our congratulations to you on becoming a Diplomate of the American Board of Dermatology.

way to go, aaron!!!!! you rocked the boards!

Friday, October 13, 2006


headed down to c'dale for a long overdue visit. last time we were down was may, it's been that long. went out both nights. saturday night we went over to nate's where katie made me martinis. i continued drinking them after we hit the bars. long story short, i got pretty tore up. luckily, not sick. i think i'll have to stick to malt beverages from now on.

aaron told his pops he accepted an offer from boone. i don't know what i was expecting, but he was clearly upset. honestly, i don't know how it could have been much of a surprise. both of us have clearly expressed we don't want to move back to southern illinois. i guess the finality of it all caught him off-guard. so yeah, i'm gonna be a high-country girl this time next year.

last week i went to a boutique in springfield to buy bridesmaids gifts. of course, i wanted to buy everything. i got some cute gifts for the girls. i did come home and search the pages of ebay for a cheaper version of everything. i found a betsey johnson handbag, it arrived today. oh, the smell of real leather. i'm finally gonna retire my studded satchel. it's seen better days.

i have also been on a quest to find a halloween costume. i was gonna try and be some type of bride. i.e. dead bride, redneck bride. but i haven't had too much luck finding a wedding gown or even a white dress. it's so funny, cause my definition of cheesy/gawdy is someone elses idea of beautiful. i refuse to pay $80 for a dress from the thrift store. on ebay i kept getting outbid at the last second. i couldn't believe how in demand these dresses are. i ended up buying a costume online, it's crunch time and i needed something fast. how easy the internet has become my saviour.

right now, i'm in the process of burning our music library. adrian's on a quest to make an uber library. so far, i've burned one drawer full of cds. 1036 songs, 2 days of music. 3 more drawers to go. i gave him the huge binder of music to burn in his spare time. he sent me a list of everything he has so far, 7323 songs. we have entirely too much time on our hands!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

i hate plato and uranus too

i took two big bags of clothes up to platos closet today, thinking i'd get a pretty penny for a majority of it. nope. out of the 30 or so pieces, they took two and paid me $4.90. i could see the little notes the girl was writing. basically she wrote that i was out of style. i've come to the conclusion that i have to buy something and take it right over there in order for it to remain in fashion. the funny thing is that i had bought a few of the pieces from there a few weeks ago. a big WHATEVER! i made fun of aaron when he took his clothes over and they told him his clothes were too mature. now look at me, i'm mature and out-of-style. i took my earnings and bought a coffee.

Monday, October 09, 2006

shower me with your love

had the first of two showers this weekend. it's so weird being the center of attention. i guess i need to get used to it since i have at least four more events where i'll be front and center. including the nuptials in less than a month! i've included some of the photos that diane took. wished i would have gotten a group shot with everyone together. it was fun.

afterwards, jamie, jennaya and i, along with the boys, headed out to jim edgar state park for a little camping action. it was COLD! it shouldn't come as a surprise that i just registered for a portable camping heater! so much for roughing it.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

sign of your time

signs you've become "responsible" among other things

1. you own and operate a paper shredder
2. you purchase your stamps by the roll
3. you get your car fixed immediately
4. you plan meals
5. when looking for houses you consider school systems
6. new carpet gets you giddy
7. you know merlot, chardonnay, pinot, reisling
8. the shoes you purchase have heels
9. you get clothes tailored
10. the last concert you went to ended at 9:30p

Monday, October 02, 2006

carpet nightmare

thursday and friday i literally spent both days trapped in the house. we decided to go ahead with the new carpet install. i was told they would begin at 9am and complete the two front rooms and the hallway. 11a rolls around and no one shows or calls. i phone to find out what the hold up is and they tell me they're loading up the truck as we speak. cool. 11:30a one of the installer calls and asks where our house is located. ok. 12:48p they show up. not the savoriest of characters. i overheard one conversation, "did you hear about that guy from that trailer park that assaulted someone? he got 4 years, with our records we'd get 12." what the hell. aaron calls and asks if i'm gonna stay home the whole time. hell yes. apparently they didn't bring all the carpet they needed so they only got two rooms done. we ask when they'll get there tomorrow. they tell us nine, we're the first house on the list.

friday morning rolls around, 9a comes and goes. 10:30a aaron calls and starts freaking out. "call them now, they have to be done by 5p so we can get on the road to st. louis." i hang up the phone and it immediately rings. "this is the installer, we're gonna pick up the carpet, pick up some tools and we'll be on our way." okay. 1p and two guys show up. i tell them they have to get done by 5p and they said they would. 3:30p and two more guys show up. apparently they they had to call in the reserves. now they're scrambling to get things done. luckily they got everything done and it looks decent. i did discover i can watch tv on the internet. i caught up on all the shows i had missed the following week. (ugly betty, csi, grey's anatomy) this may not be a good thing.

we made it to the lou in time to meet caraway and jeff to catch a good game. cards actually won! we went out for a few drinks afterwards and got home at 2:30a. long day.

saturday we spent most of the time moving furniture and running errands. we've decided to take the t.v. out of the bedroom. we'll see how long this lasts. we met up with a large group to celebrate katie, aaron and rocki's birthday at pao. sushi galore! headed over to sach and tait's afterwards for a little pre-partying. then headed out to the smoke-free bars. ahhhh! another late night.

two back-to-back softball games today. one win and one lose. weekend turned out pretty good considering how it started.