Friday, September 26, 2003


so today i decided that work can do without me. it's the first time i've called in "sick" in a long time. you ever have one of those nights where sleep never comes? i had one last night. i stayed up til about 3 then layed in bed the rest of the night, tossing and turning. i still wasn't asleep when the alarm went off this morning. so i took it upon myself to skip work. cause i know i'd be crabby/bitchy if i went. so i did everyone a favor. nonetheless, didn't have a good sleep this morning either. i kept feeling i was awake when i was asleep, it's not a great feeling.

i did see the "hey ya" video at about 2:45am so all was not wasted.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

learn to code

so we hire this guy to help me out with the online form (and general web stuff) for our site. basically i did most of it myself. but there was one thing i couldn't figure out so i give him a call. instead of telling me to delete the handle name (i couldn't get rid of the handle) he says there's some type of script i have to put in to make the handles disappear. so he says he's gonna walk me through it next time. he sends me back the original, with the updated "coding" and all he did was delete the handle. no special script, no nothing. i'm not a web guru but i know a little and it didn't take a genius to figure that one out!

hoosier love

i'm completely bored. last night i crashed early cause i felt like poop and tonight i'm surfing lj, reading random posts of people i don't even know while trying to watch "hey ya" online. 56k modems suck for both. i don't even know why the m in mtv stands for music cause about 99% of what's on there has nothing to do with it. i watched a whole hour of direct effect to no avail. i need another fix of that video. i might have to ask joe to download it for me so i can overplay it and drive it into the ground for those around me. there's just something about the graphics and the song that really shake my tailfeather. i'm such a dork!

i think i'm going to go to that saves the day show, still haven't asked carrie. she emailed me today so i'll ask her about it tomorrow. aaron said something about going to see phantom planet in november, not sure how i feel about that one.

i should probably send a quick hello to candace. haven't talked to her in a long time. last time i was in town, i found out from sherry she was doing an apprenticeship with darren king. this was all new news to everyone involved. i wonder if dustin knows yet. i'm sure he does, news travels fast in small towns. i can't really believe it, but in a way i can. one more surprising thing to learn about her!

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

precious memories

you would think once you hit the age of 50 you would know how to conduct yourself in a somewhat civilized manner. we get this invite to attend a "surprise party" for mark this weekend. of course no word of this has been mentioned to us til today. it's not like we live in town and don't have anything else going on in our lives. but jane lives in her own little world, where everyone revolves around her. and we can drop everything we're doing to appease her.

i mean there's a lot of history here that i haven't mentioned, and it would probably help if i gave a little background information. unfortunately, that would get my blood to boiling and i wouldn't be able the function the rest of the day. she's sucked mark into her little world... and frankly i don't see an end to anything til one of the boys says something. aaron is on the verge. nate could care less. and poor dan, he has to endure it all.

hey, jane. aaron's birthday is on monday. maybe we already have plans to celebrate it. maybe you should remind mark about his son's birthday. maybe you should just go away! i think that would make everyone happy.

Monday, September 22, 2003

short and curly

i need a new do. this one is getting tired and old. i've been wearing my hair up all summer long just because it's easier to manage. i need something where i can roll out of bed in the a.m., give my head a little shake and hair looks marvelous. yeah right. with this afro o mine i should be so lucky. i'll schedule an appointment today. maybe this time i can fess up and say "duh, that's not the look i was going for." i'm so nice it probably won't happen.

Friday, September 19, 2003

so fresh and so clean

i saw the new outkast video the other day, and me likey a lot. there's something about it that makes me all gushy inside, have yet to put my finger on it. there must be something subliminal that's making me feel this way. maybe when i see it again i can figure out what it is.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

the spawn of . . .

headed up to chicago this weekend. not for a social engagement but to find stuff for the house. apparently ikea has tons of stuff for cheap. and i love me some cheap stuff. it's so funny how priorities start to change. before it was head to st. louis or chicago for a show, now it's head to chicago or st. louis for some home decor! actually, saves the day plays on the 7th of oct. i gotta find out if carrie still wants to go, or anyone for that matter. i may even go solo. that'll be a first.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

i walk the line

is it possible to become addicted to cold medicine? some people use alcohol to drink themselves into a stupor, but my drink of choice has become cold medicine. not really to get f**ked up, but to get some zz's. it's not like i'm taking an exorbent amount...i'm taking the recommended dosage, but man does it do a number on me. i'm out within an hour or two...where it would ususally take 6 or 7. i'm not addicted, just use it to enhance my sleep pattern. yeah. that sounds good!

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

bear in a big blue house

we had the worst waiter ever last night. first of all he wasn't very friendly, and we're probably the friendliest people he'll ever encounter. second of all, he spilled my lemonade (the whole glass) all over me, i'm talking butt drenching wet. third of all, my order was all screwed up, my pasta was way overcooked and drenched in alfredo sauce (which i didn't order) i should have sent it back...but i'm so paranoid someone will spit or hauck something in my food for being difficult. i just sucked it up. picked at my meal, ate about 1/16th of it. at least i got a free dessert. i was so ready to get out of there. at least my butt was halfway dry by the time we left. i am feeling the stomach grumbling now...time for some real food.

Friday, September 12, 2003

smash the disco

Went out last night. First time in a long time around here. Nate wanted to have a few drinks before heading south. He had a few and then some. That boy can hold his liquor! It's cool having him around again. Nick got obliterated, made a few calls, threatened a few lives. Very surprised to see him this morning. Gonna have lunch together in a few.

Working weekends suck... forcast for Saturday... RAIN. This is why I don't volunteer for work. Passing out soggy papers to nobody sounds like a real fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon. I don't know if it'd be better if the sun were shining. Then I'd hate having to be there when I could be doing something else. Work just sucks... plain an simple.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

scratch that itch

Drink, drank, drunk!

You've spent 26 years of your life avoiding the bottle. Threatening to reject those who touch it. We spent long nights discussing/arguing about the merits of alcohol. In the end, your logic always prevailed. So what did it take to make you take that first sip? And keep on sipping. Disappointed? Not really. Slowly the pedestal I've placed you on is crumbling. The person I knew is gone. I have to admit that to myself.