Tuesday, September 23, 2003

precious memories

you would think once you hit the age of 50 you would know how to conduct yourself in a somewhat civilized manner. we get this invite to attend a "surprise party" for mark this weekend. of course no word of this has been mentioned to us til today. it's not like we live in town and don't have anything else going on in our lives. but jane lives in her own little world, where everyone revolves around her. and we can drop everything we're doing to appease her.

i mean there's a lot of history here that i haven't mentioned, and it would probably help if i gave a little background information. unfortunately, that would get my blood to boiling and i wouldn't be able the function the rest of the day. she's sucked mark into her little world... and frankly i don't see an end to anything til one of the boys says something. aaron is on the verge. nate could care less. and poor dan, he has to endure it all.

hey, jane. aaron's birthday is on monday. maybe we already have plans to celebrate it. maybe you should remind mark about his son's birthday. maybe you should just go away! i think that would make everyone happy.

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