Sunday, March 26, 2006

seeing spots

last time i was in the boro, i scored a ton of thread from aaron's mom's sewing collection. this past weekend, i made my first project with said thread.

behold, my messenger/laptop bag:

it even has a lining. now you know why i'm getting a laptop. ha! need something long and slender to fit in this bag. my next a-line skirt. watch for it!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


next wednesday i will officially be in my thirties.

you're 30 now, won't you be 31?

yes, yes, technically i'll be 31 but by my rationale you're not "in" your 30s til you've hit 31. maybe i should reconsider and push it back to 32. why stop there...let's just skip it all and hit up the 40s. completely irrational now. i'll be 31 next wednesday, happy birthday to me. there.

here's a little peep on a project i just finished:

turned out awesome. i'll have to get a pic of the end product and tell you how i talked aaron into investing in a laptop because of it. ha. i'm getting all giddy thinking about it. me and my toys. the new macbook is making me drool. i think we're putting off the wedding to pay for this. i've got my priorities.

speaking of weddings, someone want to plan mine? we've been pushing it off for 2 months now, i think we were a little disillusioned when we found out the destination wedding was going to be a lot more than we expected. at least at an all-inclusive resort. seriously if you're gonna post your rates online and give me airlines to choose from on the same page, then write in big, bold letters that the rates do not include the airfare. so now we're back to square one and neither one of us really wants to tackle it again. ugh! we could, technically pull it off, but that would mean a lot less money for the reception back home. maybe a burger and tots reception wouldn't be too hard for people to swallow, ha! aaron has his inservice test in early april, so we'll try to get back on board afterwards. it'll still be 8 months away. thank goodness.

last weekend we went to a live/silent auction with dr. buzzel and buesher for the montessori schoolhouse. of course we didn't win or even bid on anything auctioned live. we're way too poor, although we almost scored a brand new rascal for $200 (christy and aaron were gonna split the cost) but lost out at the last minute. it was funny, it was probably one of the most expensive things they were auctioning and it went fairly cheap, well below it's worth. aaron was going to bid on 4 cardinal box seats, but that went out the window when the bidding started at $300. we were way out of our league. dr. buzzel did end up winning them and gave 2 to christy and 2 to aaron as a graduation gift. awesome! so i guess we did win in the end. actually we did end up winning a few things in the silent auction: a little vase, a basket full of dental stuff (i scored with this one), a baby bjorn potty with a bouquet of stuff for a new baby (baby shower gift for jason and autumn) and aaron won a 5 night stay at a condo in florida (i think we're gonna have to sell this one, no vacation time for me). all in all, we had a good time.

Friday, March 17, 2006

best week ever

this is probably the worst week i've had in a long time.

let's start with last friday. jamie calls me up and wants to do a short girls night out, which is the first time she's been out since the baby was born. she only has a 2 hour window before she has to head back home to feed the baby. we meet up at breaktime, this guy approaches us introduces himself and kisses each of our hands. pretty forward for springfield. come to find out he's the comedian at the funny bone that night. he gets us in for free. and we enjoy and evening of spirits and laughter. what can be bad about this evening? the fact that i overindulged in that 2 hour span and ended up spewing when i got home. last time i did that was proably at least 2 years ago. so of course that ruined pretty much the rest of my weekend.

saturday we went to syam's party. cool house, tons of alcohol, even a keg. not in the mood to drink at all, nursed soda all night. the night lasted til 4 am. pretty much slept all day sunday. very unproductive. sunday night rolls around and bam, two tornados hit springfield. luckily we weren't in their paths, but our power was out for 12 hours. which makes us extremely blessed, considering the rest of the town.

monday, i only had to work half of day because the power wasn't restored till after 2. i feel the onset of a cold coming on.

wednesday, i'm miserable with a head cold but have to work because the paper is going out. i leave just as soon as it does to rest. nick turns in his two weeks notice and apparently paul did too. sharon told paul not to come back.

thursday, i go to work because i have this feeling that nick is not going to show up. i'm right. i pump myself full of drugs to make it through the day. i also get my braces tightened, added bonus. not to mention, i got a peel from aaron last saturday so i'm resembling a leper as well. such a pretty sight.

today, i wake up, my head still stuffed up, my mouth in pain and decide i'm not going to work. i'm gonna get some much needed rest. nope, come 8 o'clock the roofers next door start banging. and not a consistant banging where i can fall back asleep, but so sporadic i wonder what the hell they are doing. of course, now that i'm up. i haven't heard a single bang.

yes, indeed i'm having the best week ever!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

a how to guide...

.. .to screwing up your life in 4 short years.

a couple of months ago we had a message on our machine. "i know this is short notice, but i'm having people over in an hour for a big announcement."

is that who i think it is? why the hell is tp (this person) calling us? we haven't seen or spoken to him in 3 1/2 years. we don't go.

come to find out the next day what the big announcement was. tp is quitting his residency to pursue another one. ok. weird, i don't know why we were called. a few weeks later, tp is knocking on the derm door. question answered. tp tells the head of derm he is on medical leave from his current residency (has rheumatoid arthritis) and would like to do a rotation with the derm department. still weird, but they allow it, even try and help him get into a derm research program. things are moving along, some strange behavior is noticed but nothing is thought of it. half way through the rotation, the head of tp's residency calls and asks if he is rotating with them. apparently tp is not on medical leave, options were discussed but nothing was ever set in stone. tp has been ignoring pages and not seeing any of his patients. one of tp's fellow residents sees him in the hospital and reports that he is on the premises.

this catches everyone completely off guard. what the hell is going on? apparently tp has been taking fentanyl patches off cancer patients and using them himself. i'm not sure if someone actually saw him doing this or why this was suspected. he denied the allegations. was asked to submit to a drug test. found to have the drug in his system and, this is the kicker, did not have any of the drug for the treatment of arthritis in his system. so now everyone is wondering if he even had the disease to begin with. he was soon dismissed from his program, and pretty much from being a doctor forever. we've since learned that tp was treated for heroin addiction in college and has shown signs of having a manic personality. 8 years of medical training wasted.


Thursday, March 09, 2006

doctor will

"wouldn't it be hilarous if we put a picture of will in the slide presentation at your graduation party?" i asked.

"didn't i tell you who left a message on our phone today?"


"christy didn't check the messages today and there was one from will."

"what!?! no way!"

"he asked how we were doing since we got back from the academy and kept saying 'this is doctor will kirby trying to reach doctor christy dewitt, she can reach me at..."

unbelievable. first of all, i can't believe we saw him again. and second, i can't believe he made the effort and got her work number. she told me she didn't give him her cell this time around cause he kept calling her last year! crazy! i think i wrote about him about this time last year. the guy who won big brother 2, the cocky d.o. who decided to do derm. since then he's been on another reality show, battle of the network reality stars, and i think i've seen him doing true hollywood story or something along those lines. it's so weird cause most doctors haven't a clue about his claim to fame. it's a good thing my reality show obsession keeps them updated and clued in. so my idea of including his pic isn't so far-fetched! i found a sweet one!