Friday, March 17, 2006

best week ever

this is probably the worst week i've had in a long time.

let's start with last friday. jamie calls me up and wants to do a short girls night out, which is the first time she's been out since the baby was born. she only has a 2 hour window before she has to head back home to feed the baby. we meet up at breaktime, this guy approaches us introduces himself and kisses each of our hands. pretty forward for springfield. come to find out he's the comedian at the funny bone that night. he gets us in for free. and we enjoy and evening of spirits and laughter. what can be bad about this evening? the fact that i overindulged in that 2 hour span and ended up spewing when i got home. last time i did that was proably at least 2 years ago. so of course that ruined pretty much the rest of my weekend.

saturday we went to syam's party. cool house, tons of alcohol, even a keg. not in the mood to drink at all, nursed soda all night. the night lasted til 4 am. pretty much slept all day sunday. very unproductive. sunday night rolls around and bam, two tornados hit springfield. luckily we weren't in their paths, but our power was out for 12 hours. which makes us extremely blessed, considering the rest of the town.

monday, i only had to work half of day because the power wasn't restored till after 2. i feel the onset of a cold coming on.

wednesday, i'm miserable with a head cold but have to work because the paper is going out. i leave just as soon as it does to rest. nick turns in his two weeks notice and apparently paul did too. sharon told paul not to come back.

thursday, i go to work because i have this feeling that nick is not going to show up. i'm right. i pump myself full of drugs to make it through the day. i also get my braces tightened, added bonus. not to mention, i got a peel from aaron last saturday so i'm resembling a leper as well. such a pretty sight.

today, i wake up, my head still stuffed up, my mouth in pain and decide i'm not going to work. i'm gonna get some much needed rest. nope, come 8 o'clock the roofers next door start banging. and not a consistant banging where i can fall back asleep, but so sporadic i wonder what the hell they are doing. of course, now that i'm up. i haven't heard a single bang.

yes, indeed i'm having the best week ever!

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