Monday, May 29, 2006

wicked burn

worked an extra long day today. shitty scheduling. who schedules one of the biggest issues of the year during a holiday week miss sharon, of course. she also decides to take 2 days off to set up for a fucking garage sale. priorities, gotta love them.

i have to send half the issue tomorrow by 11am. what was really great was none of the ad reps came in today. well i guess i shouldn't say none, tia did pop in for a second, but got nothing done. i guarantee they are gonna be the reason the paper doesn't go out on time. so all the extra time and effort will probably be a waste. i'll take my vacation day next monday which will be convenient for me since my parents will be in state.

watched 4 movies this weekend. 2 in theaters (da vinci code and xmen) and 2 on video (school of rock and the ringer). yeah, i was able to squeeze some movies in between working this weekend. i also messed around with imovie. aaron and christy are having a graduation dinner and want to have a video presentation, so i've been messing around trying to make a kick-ass one. i'll actually have a video to post sooner or later.

i started taking lunesta, in fact just took one half an hour ago. i really can't tell if it's actually making a difference. it doesn't kick in right away, that's for sure. i need to change my sleeping habits, so here's my first attempt.

aaron finds this funny. he read what i wrote...why do you write so everyone can see? did you write that your dog just farted? did you write that your boyfriend just made you laugh...ha, ha. i just did.

my wicked burn...with an iron across my wrist. very wicked!

i just sent back a pair of fake jeans...this is the second pair i've gotten off ebay. damn, i'm gonna have to spend real money for real jeans. damn counterfeits!

very random thoughts...i know. must be the drugs kicking in but probably not.

Monday, May 22, 2006

in god we trust

i'm a godmother now...fancy that!

discuss amongst yourselves

this weekend i had a random, crazy dream. and, yes, i'm gonna write about it, at least a shortened version of it. i was carrie bradshaw and was at a fundraiser with charlotte (i don't know why i'm dreaming about sex in the city characters when i've only seen a few episodes) anyways, i'm at this fundraiser and i'm deep in conversation with charlotte. we both turn our heads when we overhear "myah, myah, myah, myah-myah" (how the adults speak in charlie brown). i, of course, am confused by the conversation but apparently charlotte is some sort of secret agent because she automatically senses something's wrong and tells me to run for cover. right about this time, the "charlie browners" produce automatic weapons and start spraying bullets into the crowd. people fall left and right. and i end up face against the wall shot. charlotte, also shot, lies behind me. one of the terrorists comes up and begins shooting her in the back of the head, over and over again.

i wake up. all this conspiracy talk has got my mind hijacked! matt's influence

Thursday, May 18, 2006

when its broke

a few months ago i had blood work done, aaron thought i might be anemic and wanted to double check. results: nothing unusual, maybe a little low on iron, nothing to suggest health problems. but i've progressively been getting worse. thought it could be allergies. thought it could be irritable bowel. thought it was lactose intolerence. now we're thinking it's my sleeping or nonsleeping patterns.

i've always been a night person, staying up late for as long as i can remember. mostly because of my lifestyle/career choices. but i used to sleep in when i stayed up and that's no longer the case. i go to bed at the same time, but wake up 5 or 6 hours later. my body has finally said this has gotta stop. my main to turn off my brain. lunesta hit it right on the nail, so next week i'm gonna start using a sleep aid and change my behaviorial patterns in order to get a decent night sleep.

i've been laying in the dark for 3 hours now, without any stimuli and i can't freaking fall asleep. i'm completely frustrated. it's suggested you leave your bed if you haven't fallen asleep within 15 minutes and go do something writing about this. and then try it again. here i go.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

suicide watch

yesterday i got home from work and aaron greeted me carrying a cowering marley in his arms. "i think she ate a bottle of advil." what? how? i walked into the living room and there's vomit everywhere. i get to the back bedroom and my backpack and its contents are sprawled all over the floor. she had pulled my backpack off the dresser and proceeded to ransack its contents. lotion everywhere. contact solution emptied. pens chewed. lying in the center, a chewed up bottle of ibuprofen. "how many pills were in the bottle?" i don't have a clue. i'm pretty sure it wasn't full, wishfully thinking it only had a few. but by the way she's acting, i doubted it. quick call to the vet and we're off to the emergency vet clinic. she definetely looks drugged. a little lethargic. we got there, she started to perk up from the new attention she was getting. long story short, we ended up leaving her overnight so they could pump her with i.v. fluids to flush out her system. no clue how many pills she took, she's acting as if nothing ever happened. but we've got a $400 vet bill that says otherwise.

Monday, May 08, 2006


had a great time in the 'dale. two fabulous shows and i saw a lot of people i hadn't seen in a long time. had two awkward myspace moments. friday i saw a bunch of people i originally had as friends but on my "no comment" rampage deleted. i guess it wasn't too awkward, because they hadn't noticed i was gone. so i've had to backtrack and befriend everyone.

then on saturday, i was getting my hair done and nate wanted to show gabe the funny pictures we had taken with my macbook. there wasn't any easy way to get to the i suggested going via my blog. so they're reading the titles of my blogs out loud and i don't know why, but i felt a little uncomfortable about it. probably because i'm not meant to be in a room when people are reading my blogs. it was just weird.

carrie decided to tear it up friday night. kept telling everyone that asians can't metabolize alcohol so i was way drunker than her after she did 3 shots of rumplemint. of course i was the one that drove everyone home and wasn't fondled by a hippie. ha! saturday night she took it easy and we had a very mellow evening. i did end up busting my ass on the stairs at the cellar. luckily i was near the bottom and only hit 2 or 3 steps. embarassed?? no, just kept thinking...ew, that's gonna leave a mark.

luke ended up severely spraining his ankle that night and creepy jeff got caught tp'ing carrie's room. liz, gary and i had to school jeff in the fine art of tp'ing. i think we created an intimate love nest for the birthday girl. although i don't think she was too happy about it.

my purses were a a request for one. new business venture?

i did have a fabulous meal at mrs. trovillion's saturday evening. mozerrella stuffed meatballs...the best, i don't think i can go back to plain ones now, thanks sherry!

aaron and i will be back in carbondale in two weeks for nate's birthday. i think we're gonna do a wine tour...or something along those lines. if you're interested...let me know. actually aaron will be back in carbondale next weekend for caraways graduation. i'm gonna have to pass, 3 weekends in a row is a little too much for me to handle.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

bag girl

finished carrie's birthday present and made katie one as well. can you guess who's who?


both bags are reversible. here's the reverse of carrie's.


i'm not too happy with the end result. it wasn't what i pictured in my head at all, mainly because it's difficult to read what it is from a distance. trial and error is all i have to say.

i'll be in the dale for the weekend, so watch out!

my funny friend

email i just received:

Tell BC she needs to turn away from sin and be faithful to the gospel and vote republican and she will be just fine.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

a little bribe never hurt anyone

lately when i get to work there's been a straw sitting in front of my computer. the first day i was confused until i realized what it was for. "there's something for you in the freezer." awesome. it's always a venti...biggest frappacino made. and this is how gay i am. today, we had a little set back at work. of course it's all on the ad side of things. matt's swamped and i've been picking up the slack so the paper goes out on time. after the paper's sent, he looks at me and asks...are you sure you don't want to work here part-time? i'll buy you a frap every day you come in to work. and i honestly consider this a pro in my decision making. yes, very gay. now you know my guilty pleasure.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

"will you take care of my cats...

...if i die?"

clearly this is a joke. her eyes begin to well up. "are you serious?"

what do you say? what can you say?

"you don't mean this?"

"my life is so fucked up right now."

she begins to tell me everything going wrong - job, finances, health, personal life and i start to understand why she's thinking the way she is.

i tell her things will get better. don't take what they say personally. i just keep reassuring her. i don't know what else to say.

clearly this is a cry for help. i've been on the "make her life better" bandwagon since. trying to find someone that knows someone that can help her get out of the job situation, which i think is 75% of the problem. i'm trying to get out of it myself. but she's worse off. if i had to deal with half the shit she deals with i'd have slit my wrists long ago.