Thursday, May 11, 2006

suicide watch

yesterday i got home from work and aaron greeted me carrying a cowering marley in his arms. "i think she ate a bottle of advil." what? how? i walked into the living room and there's vomit everywhere. i get to the back bedroom and my backpack and its contents are sprawled all over the floor. she had pulled my backpack off the dresser and proceeded to ransack its contents. lotion everywhere. contact solution emptied. pens chewed. lying in the center, a chewed up bottle of ibuprofen. "how many pills were in the bottle?" i don't have a clue. i'm pretty sure it wasn't full, wishfully thinking it only had a few. but by the way she's acting, i doubted it. quick call to the vet and we're off to the emergency vet clinic. she definetely looks drugged. a little lethargic. we got there, she started to perk up from the new attention she was getting. long story short, we ended up leaving her overnight so they could pump her with i.v. fluids to flush out her system. no clue how many pills she took, she's acting as if nothing ever happened. but we've got a $400 vet bill that says otherwise.

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