Monday, May 29, 2006

wicked burn

worked an extra long day today. shitty scheduling. who schedules one of the biggest issues of the year during a holiday week miss sharon, of course. she also decides to take 2 days off to set up for a fucking garage sale. priorities, gotta love them.

i have to send half the issue tomorrow by 11am. what was really great was none of the ad reps came in today. well i guess i shouldn't say none, tia did pop in for a second, but got nothing done. i guarantee they are gonna be the reason the paper doesn't go out on time. so all the extra time and effort will probably be a waste. i'll take my vacation day next monday which will be convenient for me since my parents will be in state.

watched 4 movies this weekend. 2 in theaters (da vinci code and xmen) and 2 on video (school of rock and the ringer). yeah, i was able to squeeze some movies in between working this weekend. i also messed around with imovie. aaron and christy are having a graduation dinner and want to have a video presentation, so i've been messing around trying to make a kick-ass one. i'll actually have a video to post sooner or later.

i started taking lunesta, in fact just took one half an hour ago. i really can't tell if it's actually making a difference. it doesn't kick in right away, that's for sure. i need to change my sleeping habits, so here's my first attempt.

aaron finds this funny. he read what i wrote...why do you write so everyone can see? did you write that your dog just farted? did you write that your boyfriend just made you laugh...ha, ha. i just did.

my wicked burn...with an iron across my wrist. very wicked!

i just sent back a pair of fake jeans...this is the second pair i've gotten off ebay. damn, i'm gonna have to spend real money for real jeans. damn counterfeits!

very random thoughts...i know. must be the drugs kicking in but probably not.

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