Wednesday, June 07, 2006

that's sooooo retro

this past weekend i spent in robinson....helping my family clear out my grandparents house in order to put it up for sale. went down with an empty vehicle, came back with a jam-packed one. a majority of the stuff i'm gonna keep, but i do have some toys and golf clubs i'm supposed to put up on ebay. i just did a quick search for the some of the items and i don't think they're gonna fetch as much as my aunts expect. (they had a special ebay pile set up in one of the rooms). it's unbelievable the amount of stuff one accumulates over the years, my grandmother, of course, is no exception. she had gift wrap for just about every occassion and every card her and my grandfather had ever exchanged. i feel weird throwing it out, but i can't take everything.

my family thought it funny, the things i decided to take home. we had a garage sale two of the three days i was there and i was able to go around and pick out anything i wanted. most of the items i got would fetch a far better penny than the vintage toys and so-called ebay items. i picked up a box of paper napkins with cool cardshark illustrations. i could sell a few of them and make some cash. crazy i know.

best item i found was a box my dad made my grandma when he was in scouts. i'll have to take a pic because it's too hard to describe what it looks like and what it contains. it just makes me wonder what it would be like for my future kids/grandkids when they rummage through my life. i did inherit a stripped, high chair my grandmother used and a baby crib i think each of the grandkids used at one time or another. it's so nostalgic, i love it.

so all of my dad's sisters were there, my cousin wynne and my parents. it was a mini reunion of sorts. we camped out in my grandma's old house, she's in an apartment now. luckily they turned on the electricity and believe it or not we were able to get wireless internet. this i found unbelievable considering the only store they have is walmart. apparently the mayor lives across the street and uses the latest in technology. i'm gonna look for wynne now....i have a feeling his browsing myspace now. are you??

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