Tuesday, June 27, 2006

so ill

why i decided to share this...i have no idea.

this morning i got up and gussied myself up for work. popped an antibiotic pill on my way out the door. didn't think anything of it. got to work, settled in for the day when nausau set in. i get this immediate urge to vomit. the blood just drains from my head...i run to the bathroom and sit on the toilet with my head between my legs. nothing. i go out to my car and lay down on the back seats. nothing, still feeling super sick. i go back inside and tell everyone i've got to go. grab my keys and head out the door. i get a block down the road and my lips go cold. i pull off into a restaurant parking lot and proceed to puke into a blanket in my car. yeah, i'm that nice. i refrained from grossing out the patrons of the restaurant coming out to their cars after a hearty breakfast. i get home, throw the blanket in the wash and head straight for bed. two hours later, after a nap and a warm shower, i feel 100% better. i can't even remember the last time i puked when alcohol wasn't involved. here's my moral. when something says it may cause nausau, it will cause nausau with me.

i turned in my letter of resignation tonight. no full time, no part time. i'm officially done working at the illinois times, wednesday, july 26. yeah for me. a weight has been lifted for good.

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