Monday, June 19, 2006


aaron's graduation was last friday. he's not officially an attending until next monday, but he's pretty darn close. my how time has traveled. i just realized that i've been living in springfield for 7 years now. unbelievable, i know. this, by far, is the longest i've ever lived in one place. thanks military dad.

i stayed up all night thursday night making a video slideshow for his little graduation dinner. i'm compressing the video as i type. it was a hit. i should have had business cards to pass out while there. i need to start networking. i won't talk about just infuriates me.

saturday night we went to st. louis and saw tom petty and the heartbreakers with matt and kristin. i wasn't really looking forward to it. not a humongous fan. but i did have great time. these concerts are the best places to people watch. and believe me there were about 20,000 people to watch. i couldn't believe how many people were there to see him. crazy. matt and kristin had just gone to see poison and cinderella the night before and said it wasn't nearly as crowded. i must admit, tom petty sounds exactly the same live as he does recorded which is great. now i've got tom on the brain. i think it's time to change my myspace favorite tom petty song is...

the video is 20mb. and is taking forever to upload....i'll post a link later

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