Thursday, July 12, 2012

i wanna be sedated

i got this onesie a while ago at tj maxx, i'm pretty sure it was before the boy was born. i'm not quite sure why it's a onesie since it's made for a 2-year-old. and for some odd reason it's made for a child with a huge head. if he didn't have an undershirt, he would be sporting an eighties off-the-shoulder look. the boy hasn't worn a onesie since pretty much birth, so he wasn't a fan of the snap crotch. he did allow me to tuck the back in so he wasn't sporting a butt-flap. i may somehow modify this to make it more like a tee. but it doesn't look too bad in it's current condition.

sweatshirt:  joah love (similar)  ||  onesie:  sourpuss (similar
cut-offs:  osh-kosh  ||  socks:  diy  ||  shoes:  converse

* shoes were bought used through ebay

Thursday, July 05, 2012

hotter than you know what

all i've got to say, it's good to be home. we survived 10 days of vacation together. ;) 7 days at the beach, 1 family reunion and 2 days at grandpa's. we've been on planes, trains and automobiles. ok, no trains but we'll count the shuttles as our trains. we endured 100+ temps in the midwest. i have no clue how i ever lived there. i'm sweating just thinking about it.

wondering where tuesday's post went? yeah, i'm pretty sure the boy wasn't wearing anything due to the wicked heat. we are completely spoiled in the mountains and i love it. today's high in boone: 84, carbondale's high: 106. thanks but no thanks.

shirt:  old navy (similar) ||  shorts:  polo (similar)  ||  shoes:  gap