Thursday, July 12, 2012

i wanna be sedated

i got this onesie a while ago at tj maxx, i'm pretty sure it was before the boy was born. i'm not quite sure why it's a onesie since it's made for a 2-year-old. and for some odd reason it's made for a child with a huge head. if he didn't have an undershirt, he would be sporting an eighties off-the-shoulder look. the boy hasn't worn a onesie since pretty much birth, so he wasn't a fan of the snap crotch. he did allow me to tuck the back in so he wasn't sporting a butt-flap. i may somehow modify this to make it more like a tee. but it doesn't look too bad in it's current condition.

sweatshirt:  joah love (similar)  ||  onesie:  sourpuss (similar
cut-offs:  osh-kosh  ||  socks:  diy  ||  shoes:  converse

* shoes were bought used through ebay

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