Monday, March 12, 2012

stopping to see "the guys"

yes, the boy has a love affair with the dog at old navy. i shouldn't post this because you'll now know how often we are there. (not necessarily old navy but the mall.) but any trip to the mall involves a stop to say hi to the dog and "the guys." i refrained from taking a pic this afternoon but we did stop to say hi.

Friday, March 09, 2012

friday pin | buffalo chicken cupcakes

yes, i pin. in fact i pin a lot. i thought i'd designate fridays as my "i pinned this and actually made/did/created" it day. i actually have a few of these things already under my belt. most pertain to the boy and consist of crafts and activities i've found to help occupy his short attention span. i've quickly discovered the attention span of a toddler is equivalent to that of a gnat. i have found a few things that will get him to sit for a minute or two.

anyways, i'm quickly getting off track. this is not the first food recipe i've gotten via pinterest. (see spicy goodness.) but it is the first one i've shared with people outside my household. (yes, my family has become human guinea pigs as far as pinterest recipes go. some have been great and others...not so much.)

for my first venture i chose to do something insane. super bowl party = chicken wings + crazy = cupcake topped with a chicken wing! this is what i pinned. and below is the end result. although it looks weird it tastes great! somehow the flavor combinations just work. i only made ten for the party but could have easily made more. i'll definitely make them again next year.

quick side note: little man saw these (sans chicken wing) on the counter and asked for one. i told him they were spicy but he insisted. i gave him a bite and he quickly told me it was spicy, then took another bite, then started crying and again told me it was spicy, then took another bite. it was just too funny cause he couldn't stop eating it cause it was that good but it just had that kick to it that made it a bit too much for him!

Thursday, March 08, 2012

my babykins

a friend and i created a new blog, my babykins. basically we're just documenting what our kids wear and where you can find those items. kinda like "what are you wearing" on a small scale. she's doing the girl's side and i'm in charge of the boy's side. it's still in early development and we're hoping it takes off. i definitely want to do a "look for less" section, "what mom crafted" etc. i'm open for any suggestions.

i linked my shop on the blog. i'm hoping by doing so it'll motivate me to get more crafting done. i actually do have a lot to add. i just need to take pictures and post them.