Saturday, February 18, 2006

unproductive member of society

i always tend to be unproductive during the winter months. i may suffer from seasonal disorder and need to have uv pumped on me 24/7. the hyper-hypo shows its face once again, a side-effect of dating a doctor.

i ordered some fabric from reprodepot to combat my laziness. i haven't decided just yet what i'm going to make. since i've been glued to ebay lately, i'm getting a glimmer of inpiration from some of the fashions i see. of course i'm far from making anything of worth, i can just dream.

aaron's gone to nc this weekend, next weekend we're in carbondale, and the weekend after we're in san fran. i can't wait for san fran. i was able to convince adrian to go. i'll now have a tour guide while aaron and the others are in class all day.

i better get something done today. i need to take the un- away fast.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

just between you and me...

...i hate her. this was, by far, the funniest email i've gotten in a long time. thanks rk. you made my week.

i've been ebaying again. (is that a real verb?) it's just as addicting as myspace but costs me way more. first it was, check out how much i can get those jeans on ebay. now it's, i need a necklace to go with that shirt to go with those boots to go with those jeans. of course nothing matches. i can never put outfits together. and i'm not getting any real deals either. everyone tends to put things on there at cost or five bucks below so you're really not getting any bargains. maybe i'm just too impatient.

adrian had automatic for the people on the cds he gave totally brought back memories from way back when. i've been playing nightswimming over and over again. it's so weird how one song can stir feelings inside you that were once long forgotten.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

exerwho, exerwhat, exerfreakingsize

lately, i've had an increased number of sleepless/restless nights. more than usual. rarely have i ever just fallen asleep. unless, of course, there's been a mass amount of alcohol consumed.

i've never been a good sleeper, not for as long as i can remember. my mind always starts to race when my head hits the pillow. in college, it was convenient. i would concentrate on the projects i was working on, giving them my full attention. now, with nothing in particular to focus on, my mind tends to wonder all over the place... wedding, work, logo designs, new inventions, (i just invented the peanut butter and jelly hot dog, btw) i mean it's everywhere. i've tried countless techniques- reading, tv, music, counting sheep/anything, making up fiction, drugs - but nothing seems to work.

i've decided to make a lifestyle change. maybe if i can make my body tired, i can trick my mind into being tired as well. freaking exercise is slowly seeping its way back into my life.

this isn't the only reason i've decided to start working out. last week when i went and saw jamie and eight pound hayden, i held the new beau for roughly ten minutes before he became a hundred pound weight in my arms. when i gave him up, i felt a release of blood/energy from my arms. two minutes later i almost fainted. seriously! wtf? i realized i have absolutely no upper body strength. i either have to start working out or have one pound babies.

and then there's the time a couple of weeks ago when i went and tried on wedding dresses. suprisingly enough i think i may have found a few i like but that's besides the point. they gave me this body shaper thing that i had to put on backwards and then i had to move it around to the front. this became a very hard chore. i now realize that anyone, even with the flattest of stomachs, would have difficulty turning this thing. but i remember thinking it wouldn't hurt to tone up. so i have three good reasons to exercise. hopefully this will be enough to keep me motivated, which always seems to be my problem.

i do have a funny story about trying on dresses. i found out i'm a size zero, mainly because i don't have hips or an ass. since we're doing a beach wedding, the girl decided to bring me a bunch of prom-like dresses that were white/off-white, not too showy and big, which i was fine with. she hands me this dress and tells me it's a size six and she'll have hold it in the back so i can get an idea of what it'll look like in my size. when i put it on, the neckline is down past my naval. i couldn't believe she gave me a j-lo dress and thought i'd want it for my wedding. i come out and katie starts laughing immediately. i knew it looked stupid. we looked down at the tag, it was a size 16.

aaron's at basketball, thus explains the long entry. i've already worked out tonight. pat on back for sue! just gotta keep it up.