Thursday, June 28, 2012

rolling with the fishes

spent the day at the nc aquarium. loved the new playground equipment. the fish were cool too! ;)

t-shirt: zulily (similar) || shorts: carters (similar) shoes: converse || hat: new era

* shirt was bought through zulily

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

b is for bob

we are on vacation! connecting to the internet is hit or miss. so i'll keep this short and let the pictures do the talking.

tshirt:  gift (found here)  ||  swimsuit:  h&m sunglasses:  julbo  ||  hat:  coolibar

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

district 12

yesterday, the boy and i traveled down to hickory, nc to do a little shopping. although we have most amenities on the mountain we do lack some staples. a target being one. and i definitely need a target fix every couple of months.
in order to get some cooperation from the boy, i.e. you behave and you’ll get rewarded kinda thing, i decided to take him to a playground when we were done shopping. when searching for a nearby playground, i remembered a friend recently posted a pic of one of his boys at a nearby movie location. i did a quick search and found it to be less than five minutes away. what movie you ask? yeah, the hunger games! i will admit that i have not yet jumped on the tribute bandwagon so all the buildings and references have little bearing on me. but i know i will eventually get around to reading the books and seeing the movies. and i certainly know A LOT of my friends have read the books and seen the movie so i thought this would be a great location to take some blog photos. (here is a link if you’d like to see a few pictures of the location from the movie.) all the boy cared about was throwing his frisbee around so he was quite happy.

and yes he is sporting the socks i mentioned making. i ended up using and old pair of socks, masking tape and some fabric paint i had on hand. they aren’t perfect but they give me the effect i wanted. i don’t think a tutorial is necessary but if you’re interested i’d be glad to make one.
*i reblogged this from my mybabykins site. it's been two whole months and this poor site hasn't seen an ounce of love. i've got some projects to share. and now that i know that i can stick to a schedule i should be getting better at posting.