Wednesday, September 30, 2009

jack sprat

still chugging along. here's my 26/27 week belly shot. sometimes i wonder if you saw me from the front if you could tell i'm pregnant. sorta like one of those flat characters where you look from the front and she's super skinny and then from the side she's huge.

i was hoping i could still wear my normal clothing and i'm learning it's pretty much a lost cause. this week i switched out my spring/summer clothes for fall/winter wear. i threw on a sweater this morning and it pretty much covered about half of the baby bump. i now own an extensive collection of belly sweaters. looks like cardigans are gonna be my best friend this winter.

i tried hitting up the thrift stores in hopes of finding some decent pants or maybe even a pair of overalls. apparently the only ladies that donate maternity clothing are of the large or x-large set. so i broke down last week and bought another pair of maternity jeans and a maternity skirt. i can fudge a bit and avoid buying maternity shirts but there's no avoiding the mom jeans now.

as far as the health aspect of this pregnancy, i don't have too much to report. as predicted i failed the one-hour glucose test and passed the three-hour test after the second hour. still feeling good. occasionally getting winded when walking and definitely getting swollen feet at the end of the day. baby boris is moving around like crazy and you can actually see the kicking, poking, prodding and stretching he's doing on the outside. i didn't think i'd be one of those people who'd have her hands on her belly all the time and now i'm grabbing people hands and putting them there so they can feel the movement too. funny how things change.

the nursery is about 85% done. still looking for a rocking chair to put in there. i really don't want one of those typical gliders because i want it to eventually transition into a reading chair as he gets older. hopefully i'll be able to find something in the upcoming weeks. once i find the chair and get some window treatments, it'll pretty much be done. i'll post pics soon.

i did start an online registry at babies r us and target. i went from not having a single baby shower to now having three! i would love some input on what i overlooked and what you think is a baby must-have! thanks.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Thursday, September 24, 2009

rock and roll

here's a pic of what is currently happening at the westphal abode. our house is officially becoming a mountain home. we've been talking about rocking the exposed sides of the house since we bought it a couple of years ago. it just looked unfinished to us. and with the pipe bursting last winter it left a huge water stain on the cement in the front. it's amazing what a little rock can do, the house looks like it's gotten a featherlift.

here's a little preview of aaron's hiking trip to zion national park.
i'll post the flickr photos once i upload and resize all the them. also i'll post my 26 week belly shot in a few too.

Monday, September 21, 2009

ready for some football

i meant to post this last week. last saturday was app. states home opener. unfortunately we lost to mcneese state in a close game 40-35. app. state is 0-2 for the season. we still have faith in the mountaineers. aaron said they started the season last year 1-2 and still had a winning season. fingers crossed they do great next weekend and the rest of the year.

we do have season tickets but for the first game we switched seats with dr. stanley's family and got to sit in the new, posh club section. my fanny appreciated the padded seats and i'm sure when it starts to get cold i'd love the overhead heaters. for the rest of the season we'll be in our regular seats, which are a little closer but not nearly as luxurious. it's hard to believe this is the stadium for a small I-AA school. it's pretty pimping! ;)

aaron get's back from vegas/zion tomorrow. i'll be posting pics of his trip in the next few days. sounds like he's had a great time and has some great photos to share. stay tuned.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

caution: wide load

it's so weird cause i don't realize how big i'm getting til i look at the photos. of course it all depends on what i'm wearing, what angle you see me from and how straight i stand. i actually wore this shirt pre-pregnancy and am now wondering if it makes me larger than i think it does. it does appear like i'm smuggling a bowling ball under there. i'll have to do some sequence shots when we get closer to the end so you can see the progression.

seems like i always have something wrong when i go to an appointment. today's appointment was no different. last time it was the low-lying placenta which resolved itself at my last appointment. this time i didn't pass the one hour glucose test. i was seriously on the cusp of passing. on my instruction sheet it says if you score 140 or below you pass but it also says if you score 140 or above you'll have to be screened again. of course my docs are "better safe than sorry" so i have to go back friday for the three hour screening. i don't know why i got the impression i'd only be drinking a dixie cup worth of modified juice. i think one of the many times i was down in hickory getting my blood drawn, there was a pregnant lady was getting her glucose tested. i could have sworn she was only holding a small dixie cup of orange juice. when the girl handed me the 10 oz. bottle of juice and told me i had to finish it all in five minutes, my jaw almost hit the floor. if you know me, it takes me a whole day to finish off one 12 oz. can of soda, if i even finish it. i have a feeling that i'll pass on friday, a majority of women do. plus i think the nurse took my blood a little early. i bet if she would have waited five more minutes i would have passed. i guess we'll just have to wait and see.

as far as weight goes, i'm riding a little high. i just calculated where i should be and where i'm at and right now and i'm at the higher end of the spectrum. i kinda think that may be another reason why my docs want to retest me. it probably wouldn't hurt for me to go on a low carb diet. i was told for this test i could eat a couple hours before my test but to avoid carbs and sugar...yeah, the only thing i could pretty much eat was peanut butter. i have discovered that i consume a lot of carbs. and with being pregnant i've probably doubled my usual intake. i'll have to look up a diet plan and see if i can at least modify my diet. if i fail my glucose test on friday, i really won't have a choice.

and finally, the crib and dresser arrived last thursday! yippee! aaron put the crib together and i put the dresser together so the nursery is finally starting to look like an actual room. i also was able to get an additional $75 back since both pieces went on sale before they were shipped. and i must say i'm quite impressed with the quality of both pieces considering we only paid a little over $200 each. here's a link to the crib in case you were wondering what it looked like. sweet, it just went back up in price so i got a bargain. hopefully the prints i ordered come today, so nursery pics to come in the near future.

i better go. i've been thinking about crafting again and i opened the door to my craft room and it looks like it's become a dumping ground for anything and everything. so my next task is to clean a little craft house.

Friday, September 11, 2009

on the outs

here are the pics from our long weekend to the outer banks. so we started our summer with a trip to the beach and ended it the same way. unfortunately the weather wasn't so cooperative this time around. we did manage to get at least one day of sunshine. we had a fun time hanging with jill and jerome and pretty much the rest of their family.

tomorrow is the first home game for appalachian state football. hopefully i can somehow maneuver my tshirt to cover the belly. it'll be a little too warm to sport the sweatshirt this time around. i'll post my latest belly pic tomorrow although you can see from the beach pics it's grown a bit! ;)

Friday, September 04, 2009

mr. roboto

i ordered some prints for the nursery. what's more boy than robots? i ended up getting three robot prints and one raygun print from john golden's shop on etsy. i also ordered a picture collage that spells out the baby's name. i told aaron we couldn't hang it til after the baby's born. so there's no more back and forth debate on the baby's name. by ordering the collage i've made it official. still not telling! ;)

we're still waiting on the crib and dresser combo. it's estimated delivery date is now september 26. good thing i ordered it early. i've gotta call cause i just noticed both items went on sale and the invoice hasn't been updated.

this weekend we're headed to nags head, nc for the holiday weekend. jill and jerome rented a beach house and invited us to come along. it's gonna be a long trek across the state. it's about a 6.5/7 hour trip to the coast. it's funny cause we can get to a beach in south carolina in less time. hopefully the weather cooperates and hurricanes and tropical storms will pass us by. i should have pics to post when we get back. not sure what our internet situation will be while we're there. i might have to resort to using my phone to keep updated with everyone. and i think i finally figured out what was wrong with my feed. so hopefully when this posts to facebook it'll have pics and copy. fingers crossed.