Thursday, September 24, 2009

rock and roll

here's a pic of what is currently happening at the westphal abode. our house is officially becoming a mountain home. we've been talking about rocking the exposed sides of the house since we bought it a couple of years ago. it just looked unfinished to us. and with the pipe bursting last winter it left a huge water stain on the cement in the front. it's amazing what a little rock can do, the house looks like it's gotten a featherlift.

here's a little preview of aaron's hiking trip to zion national park.
i'll post the flickr photos once i upload and resize all the them. also i'll post my 26 week belly shot in a few too.


Pam said...

Too cool, Susan. Dick has been to Zion but I haven't. As a hiker, Aaron must be thrilled with the terrain!

Can't wait to see the belly shots!

Pam said...

PS The stone you used on the house looks a lot like the ledgestone we used for the chimney and fireplace. Fabulous!

Super Blogger Girl! said...

I love the stone, we need new siding this year and I wish we could do something along these lines as well, it looks so great!

The Baimas said...

I love the stone!