Friday, September 04, 2009

mr. roboto

i ordered some prints for the nursery. what's more boy than robots? i ended up getting three robot prints and one raygun print from john golden's shop on etsy. i also ordered a picture collage that spells out the baby's name. i told aaron we couldn't hang it til after the baby's born. so there's no more back and forth debate on the baby's name. by ordering the collage i've made it official. still not telling! ;)

we're still waiting on the crib and dresser combo. it's estimated delivery date is now september 26. good thing i ordered it early. i've gotta call cause i just noticed both items went on sale and the invoice hasn't been updated.

this weekend we're headed to nags head, nc for the holiday weekend. jill and jerome rented a beach house and invited us to come along. it's gonna be a long trek across the state. it's about a 6.5/7 hour trip to the coast. it's funny cause we can get to a beach in south carolina in less time. hopefully the weather cooperates and hurricanes and tropical storms will pass us by. i should have pics to post when we get back. not sure what our internet situation will be while we're there. i might have to resort to using my phone to keep updated with everyone. and i think i finally figured out what was wrong with my feed. so hopefully when this posts to facebook it'll have pics and copy. fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...

Aunt Debbie says that she's going to start calling the baby Boris like the label on the robot.

Super Blogger Girl! said...

I love the robots, i can't wait to shop for baby robot stuff now!