Friday, October 31, 2003

she was a skater girl

i'm rolling around the office in some short shorts and 70s hair. everyone thinks i should wear my hair this way all the time. i'm not sure if that's a compliment or not.

yesterday i let nate give me some highlights at his hair school. it was pretty funny. i sat there while everyone around me was working on these stationary heads. people were giving perms, rolling hair, cutting, there were even a few heads propped up on garbage cans under the hair dryers. that was definetly a funny sight to see. nick is there right now, getting his hair chopped. i think nate will feel better working on real people rather than those unblinking manaquins.

tonight is the halloween party down in carbondale. it should be a blast. maybe i'll attempt to post some photos in a future journal entry.

Thursday, October 16, 2003

age is just a number

every time i look at the screen (while at work) the fonts for my journal are extremely tiny. i've got to bump up the size to 120% in order to read it. is this the beginning of the end for me? pretty soon the music is gonna be too loud and my bodily functions will work on their own. i can't wait!

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

throw in an upbeat tempo

ok, it's my quest to be more positive. impossible as it may be, i'll make an effort in some way or another. connie is going to meet with sharon today. . . so that's one good thing that's happened in the last 24 hours.

unfortunately for me i didn't win those roller skates on ebay. but to keep things positive. . . i should be able to find a cheaper pair at the goodwill that look beat up enough for my taste. did i forget to mention that i'm gonna be a "roller girl" for halloween this year? aaron has decided that he wants to be a crack whore so we've been on a quest to find him the sluttiest outfit known to man! we did manage to find him a pair of size 11 silver sandal. he's on a mission to find a tube top although i think a lingerie top and black bra would be much better. he's just not seeing my vision. i was hoping to find a furry short coat as well. we may have to look in the big city for one, especially one that will fit him! watch out carbondale, we're gonna be rolling into your town soon!

Monday, October 13, 2003

we bury our sins

i'm so easily annoyed, especially with those i work with. here goes a conversation i had last friday and the outcome that resulted.

s: do you mind if i call connie back to work with us?
me: heck no! i loved working with connie.
s: do you have a number i can reach her at?
me: i have her cell.

couple hours pass. i try and call connie to warn her about the impending phone call. cell number doesn't work. so i call heather who tells me to call jack who gives me connie's home number. i talk to connie and tell her what's up and she's down with talking with sharon and may consider coming back. so she gives me the green light to give sharon her home number. i give sharon her number. sharon, in turn, pulls beth aside and speaks to her about it. then they come back. place an ad in the sjr and call around to see if any of their friends can take the job. i hate beth, cause she's a big, fat baby and can't get over her insecurities. when are they gonna learn that no one is gonna stay in that position as long as beth is around. and we'll have to train someone new every 3 months because of it. if liking beth was a criteria for working here, this place would be pretty vacant.

Thursday, October 09, 2003


i've reached a point in my life where i am surrounded by babies. either it's the couple trying to conceive or the ones who are seven months along or the ones who already have a little one in tow. then i start to ponder if that could be me, if it should be me. i was so anti procreate, now i'm finding that the hard anti-baby shell being bombarded with one baby after another. and i'm all baby-gooey on the inside after all. when any little one steps into a room the shell gets another chip in it. i think i want one all to myself, where i'm the most important person in someones life. i think most parents feel that way. i know it's a feeling of selfishness, but boy does it feel good when your kid wants no one but you. maybe i need to rethink this... give it a test run or something along those lines. i'm sure i'll change my mind if i had to deal with it on a daily basis.

Friday, October 03, 2003

wasted days

so i went this morning and got a haircut, i'm actually happy with it. the girl did a great job and did exactly what i asked. so i didn't have to pretend that i liked it, it was genuine! unbelievable.

our big "family" meeting is this evening. i don't anticipate anything to come of it. all i know is that a lot of things are gonna finally be said. and there will be no denying the feelings and emotions anymore. it's all gonna be laid out in front and he can take it for what it is or continue to be oblivious. all of us find it hard to believe that he can't see how unhappy the rest of the family is. it's just so sad, i think his relationship with the boys, especially nate, has been damaged. i'll be surprised if nate has anything to do with him anymore. we'll have to see how things do turn out. i'm not sure if being a pessimist is such a good thing but if i were an optimist i'm almost positive i'd be hugely disappointed.