Friday, October 03, 2003

wasted days

so i went this morning and got a haircut, i'm actually happy with it. the girl did a great job and did exactly what i asked. so i didn't have to pretend that i liked it, it was genuine! unbelievable.

our big "family" meeting is this evening. i don't anticipate anything to come of it. all i know is that a lot of things are gonna finally be said. and there will be no denying the feelings and emotions anymore. it's all gonna be laid out in front and he can take it for what it is or continue to be oblivious. all of us find it hard to believe that he can't see how unhappy the rest of the family is. it's just so sad, i think his relationship with the boys, especially nate, has been damaged. i'll be surprised if nate has anything to do with him anymore. we'll have to see how things do turn out. i'm not sure if being a pessimist is such a good thing but if i were an optimist i'm almost positive i'd be hugely disappointed.

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