Tuesday, October 14, 2003

throw in an upbeat tempo

ok, it's my quest to be more positive. impossible as it may be, i'll make an effort in some way or another. connie is going to meet with sharon today. . . so that's one good thing that's happened in the last 24 hours.

unfortunately for me i didn't win those roller skates on ebay. but to keep things positive. . . i should be able to find a cheaper pair at the goodwill that look beat up enough for my taste. did i forget to mention that i'm gonna be a "roller girl" for halloween this year? aaron has decided that he wants to be a crack whore so we've been on a quest to find him the sluttiest outfit known to man! we did manage to find him a pair of size 11 silver sandal. he's on a mission to find a tube top although i think a lingerie top and black bra would be much better. he's just not seeing my vision. i was hoping to find a furry short coat as well. we may have to look in the big city for one, especially one that will fit him! watch out carbondale, we're gonna be rolling into your town soon!

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