Tuesday, March 23, 2010

i love it when you call me big papa

since i did progression shots with my pregnancy, i've decided to also capture the first year of avery's life in the same way. here are a few shots from his first photo sessions. i've decided to go ahead and add a watermark since this blog is public and i don't want anyone claiming my little man as their own. i know it's hard to believe but i know of two people who've had this problem. insane, i know!

the picture below is his two month photo. when i showed it to some family members the first thing they said was he looked like notorious b.i.g. and that's exactly what i thought when i was scanning through the pics. i'm sure it's the hat. tomorrow we'll be taking his three month photo. hopefully we get a little sunshine. yes, we actually got more snow yesterday and it stuck! blah. i'm so over winter. spring get and stay here already!

Monday, March 22, 2010

this is a test

I downloaded a free version of an iphone blog updater. it's pretty limited. not sure if it will be worth the deniro to get the full version.

we haven't figured it out yet. but one of the dogs has decided ripping up dirty diapers is his/her new past time. I have my suspicions. a little newspaper toy sitting by the wastebasket has me thinking it's the one of the female persuasion. but I have yet to catch her in the act. hmmm maybe it's time to install a nanny cam.

living mobile

if you're a friend of mine via facebook then you've probably already seen these pics. the first three months of avery's life, i've pretty much had to do everything via my cell phone. lucky for me, my cell phone can just about do anything. i haven't had the time to figure out if i can update the blog through my phone so that's why posts have been few and far between. little bugger is now entertaining himself on his playmat so i have a second to update the blog. still a short post but with lots of personality. yep, little man is getting to be so big!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

a conversation between two friends

neglected, i know. with the weather being the way it has, (got another 4 inches of snow yesterday.) avery and i have become big-time home bodies. what's the best way to cure cabin fever? fill your days with lots of activities. one of those activities has been our countless photo sessions. although most of the time avery is an indifferent participant.

i've been gravitating towards black and white lately. no particular reason. just love how it captures the moment, particularly the one below. i think if it was in color it'd be a cluttered mess.

"happy chaos"