Tuesday, June 27, 2006

so ill

why i decided to share this...i have no idea.

this morning i got up and gussied myself up for work. popped an antibiotic pill on my way out the door. didn't think anything of it. got to work, settled in for the day when nausau set in. i get this immediate urge to vomit. the blood just drains from my head...i run to the bathroom and sit on the toilet with my head between my legs. nothing. i go out to my car and lay down on the back seats. nothing, still feeling super sick. i go back inside and tell everyone i've got to go. grab my keys and head out the door. i get a block down the road and my lips go cold. i pull off into a restaurant parking lot and proceed to puke into a blanket in my car. yeah, i'm that nice. i refrained from grossing out the patrons of the restaurant coming out to their cars after a hearty breakfast. i get home, throw the blanket in the wash and head straight for bed. two hours later, after a nap and a warm shower, i feel 100% better. i can't even remember the last time i puked when alcohol wasn't involved. here's my moral. when something says it may cause nausau, it will cause nausau with me.

i turned in my letter of resignation tonight. no full time, no part time. i'm officially done working at the illinois times, wednesday, july 26. yeah for me. a weight has been lifted for good.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


we finally have the wedding booked and payed for. unbelievable, i know. november 4th in negril, jamaica. sorry, you're not invited...unless you are of blood relation and in our immediate family. a super small wedding. i also have my wedding dress bought and hanging in the closet along with the bridesmaids dresses. things are rolling along...

now it's my responsibllity to plan the reception. i have an idea of what i want, making it a reality...that's another story. next friday is my last day working full time. luckily kristin isn't working this summer and said she'd help me out with the reception. i'll have to take her up on it. dad gave me some money to plan this shindig and it's nice to have cash in my account. but i'm sure it'll quickly get drained once i start organizing this thing. weddings have an uncanny way of doing that.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

a little birdie told me

doing a few domestic duties today and i come across two baby birds lying in the fresh mulch we layed monday. i'm talking baby, baby...no feathers, eyes still shut, visible veins. i call aaron over and we try and figure out where they came from. there isn't an apparent nest we can visibly see, so returning them isn't an option. aaron tells me there's really nothing we can do for them. of course i'm not going to just leave them as prey for the cats in the neighborhood so i decide to build them a make shift nest. a hanging basket, some twigs and a little mulch and presto - instant nest. aaron puts on some gloves and transports the birdies to their new home. as he's placing the second one in, i look over and see another baby. three of them. crazy. we placed our little bird abode by the window so we could monitor whether or not the mama would return. sure enough, both mama and papa returned to feed their brood. unbelievable, it worked. confident they would be fine we hung the nest in the tree. happy, happy, joy, joy. i almost feel like the dog whisperer...i'm awesome....ha!

Monday, June 19, 2006

the art of being patient


aaron's graduation was last friday. he's not officially an attending until next monday, but he's pretty darn close. my how time has traveled. i just realized that i've been living in springfield for 7 years now. unbelievable, i know. this, by far, is the longest i've ever lived in one place. thanks military dad.

i stayed up all night thursday night making a video slideshow for his little graduation dinner. i'm compressing the video as i type. it was a hit. i should have had business cards to pass out while there. i need to start networking. i won't talk about work...it just infuriates me.

saturday night we went to st. louis and saw tom petty and the heartbreakers with matt and kristin. i wasn't really looking forward to it. not a humongous fan. but i did have great time. these concerts are the best places to people watch. and believe me there were about 20,000 people to watch. i couldn't believe how many people were there to see him. crazy. matt and kristin had just gone to see poison and cinderella the night before and said it wasn't nearly as crowded. i must admit, tom petty sounds exactly the same live as he does recorded which is great. now i've got tom on the brain. i think it's time to change my myspace song....my favorite tom petty song is...

the video is 20mb. and is taking forever to upload....i'll post a link later

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

that's sooooo retro

this past weekend i spent in robinson....helping my family clear out my grandparents house in order to put it up for sale. went down with an empty vehicle, came back with a jam-packed one. a majority of the stuff i'm gonna keep, but i do have some toys and golf clubs i'm supposed to put up on ebay. i just did a quick search for the some of the items and i don't think they're gonna fetch as much as my aunts expect. (they had a special ebay pile set up in one of the rooms). it's unbelievable the amount of stuff one accumulates over the years, my grandmother, of course, is no exception. she had gift wrap for just about every occassion and every card her and my grandfather had ever exchanged. i feel weird throwing it out, but i can't take everything.

my family thought it funny, the things i decided to take home. we had a garage sale two of the three days i was there and i was able to go around and pick out anything i wanted. most of the items i got would fetch a far better penny than the vintage toys and so-called ebay items. i picked up a box of paper napkins with cool cardshark illustrations. i could sell a few of them and make some cash. crazy i know.

best item i found was a box my dad made my grandma when he was in scouts. i'll have to take a pic because it's too hard to describe what it looks like and what it contains. it just makes me wonder what it would be like for my future kids/grandkids when they rummage through my life. i did inherit a stripped, high chair my grandmother used and a baby crib i think each of the grandkids used at one time or another. it's so nostalgic, i love it.

so all of my dad's sisters were there, my cousin wynne and my parents. it was a mini reunion of sorts. we camped out in my grandma's old house, she's in an apartment now. luckily they turned on the electricity and believe it or not we were able to get wireless internet. this i found unbelievable considering the only store they have is walmart. apparently the mayor lives across the street and uses the latest in technology. i'm gonna look for wynne now....i have a feeling his browsing myspace now. are you??