Thursday, June 22, 2006


we finally have the wedding booked and payed for. unbelievable, i know. november 4th in negril, jamaica. sorry, you're not invited...unless you are of blood relation and in our immediate family. a super small wedding. i also have my wedding dress bought and hanging in the closet along with the bridesmaids dresses. things are rolling along...

now it's my responsibllity to plan the reception. i have an idea of what i want, making it a reality...that's another story. next friday is my last day working full time. luckily kristin isn't working this summer and said she'd help me out with the reception. i'll have to take her up on it. dad gave me some money to plan this shindig and it's nice to have cash in my account. but i'm sure it'll quickly get drained once i start organizing this thing. weddings have an uncanny way of doing that.

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