Monday, October 31, 2005

the party that never ends

fortunately for me i will have yet another opportunity to bust out boy george friday night! since aaron and most of his attendings went to atlanta this past weekend for a surgery conference, buesher decided she's gonna have a costume party and keep the halloween spirit alive a couple more days! awesome. i actually did dress up today for work, but it was wasted on people who don't appreciate or have the spirit! diane did dress i give her props. everyone else...lame!

i think i can count on two hands the number of trick-o-treaters we had tonight. we ended up handing out fistfuls of the candy we bought. rain's not gonna stop the faithful.

aaron got his seats from busch stadium today. it's so weird that someone was actually sitting in them a few weeks ago. what's really cool is there's gum stuck to the bottom of them! i think he's gonna pry it off, i told him it would decrease the value... it's what makes them authentic.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

i'ma man without conviction

the costume is coming along...diane dug out an old shirt for me which was EXACTLY what i needed. with a few modifications it'll be perfect. the wig i bought is now a tangled mess. and it gives me a headache five minutes after i put it on. (cheap plastic piece of crap) i'll either have to start drinking or take a lot of drugs to tolerate it an entire night. i think i'm gonna purchase a 10 foot tract of lucious hair from sally's. and go with extensions. i'm sure i'll find other ways to use the rest, one can wonder.

tomorrow we walk. i hope the sun peeps out. i hate getting up early on rainy days, especially saturdays.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

the queen of near hit and miss

i'm the queen of nearly hitting and missing cars in front of me. yesterday i almost smashed into a car that pulled out in front of's me: "hey lady, hey lady, HEY LADY!" i swerved into oncoming traffic...luckily the truck barreling towards me was 20 yards away. don't know what would have been worse, me hitting her head on or me hitting the truck head on. either or i would have had a demolished car. after composing myself, i looked back and the lady had this dumbfounded look on her face. cross-traffic does not stop....that means me lady, i'm not stopping! that red, octogon thing in front of you - use it! it'll help keep my heart in my chest and keep our cars out of the junk yard.

playoff game in 3 hours and counting. woo-hoo! go cards!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

sour puss

i've had five today and my tongue is ripped to shreds. come to read the contents, yep, acid the main ingredient. next time you see me i'll be tongueless. it's a small price to pay.

aaron nailed me with a line drive sunday in our softball game. no bruise yet, just a huge knot. everyone thought it hit my shoe, it was that loud. good thing it's getting colder out and i'm pretty much wearing jeans full time. or else he'd have hell to pay! ;)

tomorrow night nate, katie, aaron and i are heading to st. louis for the cardinals/astros nlcs playoff game. we got bleacher seats...paid more than we should have, but i'm sure it'll be worth it. last year we went to a division playoff game and it was crazy how much different it was than a regular game. we're slowly building up to going to a world series. slowly!

i haven't updated this i a long time. so i'm briefly catching up.

danny started his own website:
he's already gotten in trouble for it! had to dismantle a whole section. the boy is clever, witty and a bit of a nerd...wonder who he gets that from! i can't believe how much he's growing up! man, i'm getting old!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

blink, blink

i'm officially off the market! not that i ever was "on" the market.

since tuesday of last week i've had a ring on the finger. after 7 1/2 years aaron's made it official. no details to speak of. but i have come to find that once you get engaged people automatically assume you have a date set. we have nothing. it'll probably be another 7 years before we do that...j/k. set the date that is.

major bling going on, he did well. i love it! and him of course! i'm gay.