Monday, October 31, 2005

the party that never ends

fortunately for me i will have yet another opportunity to bust out boy george friday night! since aaron and most of his attendings went to atlanta this past weekend for a surgery conference, buesher decided she's gonna have a costume party and keep the halloween spirit alive a couple more days! awesome. i actually did dress up today for work, but it was wasted on people who don't appreciate or have the spirit! diane did dress i give her props. everyone else...lame!

i think i can count on two hands the number of trick-o-treaters we had tonight. we ended up handing out fistfuls of the candy we bought. rain's not gonna stop the faithful.

aaron got his seats from busch stadium today. it's so weird that someone was actually sitting in them a few weeks ago. what's really cool is there's gum stuck to the bottom of them! i think he's gonna pry it off, i told him it would decrease the value... it's what makes them authentic.

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