Tuesday, February 27, 2007

moley, moley, moley

remember that mole i had aaron shave off. below is the biopsy report he received from dr. semans.

CLINICAL DATA: Recently and finally! married cute female of asian extraction adorned with sexy ink deposits. Lesion recently chewed by horny husband.


GROSS DESCRIPTION: Received in a papoose labeled with "I Want A Baby!" is an oval shave 2mm thick, with a round 4mm well circumscribed uniform tan scabbed papule. Inked, quadrisected, totally submitted.

MICROSCOPIC DESCRIPTION: There is a proliferation of goofy-looking cells with slanty eyes running around in the dermis looking for babies, and a thick layer of hairless spermatozoa encrusting the epidermis. The combined genetic potential of these cells is highly debatable and should be illegal.

IMPRESSION: Funky-monkey flesh, labeled "Hunk A Hunk A Burnin Love," chewed off.

North Carolinny, Here We Come!

here are the real results: Benign Dermal Malanocytic Nevus (basically nothing but a mole but i liked the first report better so i thought i'd share.)

Sunday, February 25, 2007

shopping spree

the contents of a recent online shopping spree. i've decided to try to be a bit more "girly" when it comes to wardrobe. i don't think i've ever just worn a dress for leisure. jeans have become my everyday staple and i definitely need a change. it's gonna be a hard habit to break. i told myself i'd wear the romper today and i changed my mind at the last minute. will this be the great skirt fiasco of 2005? buying and not wearing. maybe i'll revisit all the hardly touched skirts hanging in my closet while turning over this new leaf.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


i recently acquired a lot of 14 captive rings via ebay. i had taken out my previous rings when i got x-rayed for my braces and i've lost most, if not all. i needed new ones anyways, most of my old ones didn't match and were in a variety of sizes. yesterday when i got the batch, i was ecstatic about slipping them on. to my surprise, i can't get a single one in any of the 5 holes i have open. it's been a year and a half, the holes are still visible but obviously not capable of handling a 14 gauge hoop. i almost went with the 12 gauges. so glad i decided not to. now i have to figure out how i'm gonna stretch my holes to accommodate my new gems. may have to get out the ice and perform an at-home remedy. or see if the doctor has any fat needles at work and have him perform some minor surgery.

speaking of minor surgery, yesterday i let aaron cut off a mole in the comfort of our living room. wasn't anything big, seemed quite small in fact when i saw it floating in the vial. it's one of those things that looks and feels huge when it's on your own body. can't wait til we move to boone and i have access to laser hair removal. i'm going to go crazy zapping hair left and right. or i should say aaron or jill will go crazy.

jamie just called and wanted to know if i cared if she backed out of working out today. of course not. i'm dying from our workout yesterday. so far so good. out of 7 days we've worked out 6. i may do a little workout at home tonight. that is, if my body permits. right now, it says no-way!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

berlin in the 1990s

one of the high school groups i belong to asked alumni to put together slide shows from that era. here's my contribution.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

a tobogganing we will go

three days into to working out and so far so good. i think i may change my mind tomorrow. i'm gonna feel the pain, i know it.

monday jamie and i hit fitclub south and did a step aerobics class. how i was a cheerleader i'll never know. i'm so uncoordinated. left, right, over the top, mambo...what?!? right, left...what?!?

today we hit fitclub west and did a powerzone class. have you seen my arms? the ones flimsier than spaghetti? now they'll be flimsy and racked with pangs. so not looking forward to it.

aaron wanted me to get some sleds today for the weekend. tomorrow jamie and i and hopefully jennaya will test them out. i'll try and take a camera to document our tobogganing fun. for those of you from the south, these are the toboggans you ride and not the ones you wear on your head.

i wish we could have the snow without the cold. i can just feel the sickness creeping on. don't be surprised if i start complaining next week about how sick i am. it will be totally worth it.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

cabin fever

we woke up this morning with a few inches of snow. now we're completely blizzarded in. aaron just got back from work and decided to shovel the driveway, which he already did this morning. while shoveling, a car traveling down the street got stuck. offering some help they managed to get it going. at least a few feet. they haven't plowed our street at all and from what aaron said they haven't really plowed much outside the neighborhood either. here's a few photos from a few minutes ago. i've had to coax the dogs in and out today. they're a little too prissy when it comes to 12 inches of snow.

Friday, February 09, 2007

creighton smashing

we're heading down to carbondale this weekend. not sure if we'll leave tonight or tomorrow morning. aaron's program is meeting today to discuss the match list. (where they rank candidates they've interviewed in order of preference. candidates, in turn, rank schools they've interviewed at and then they match the two) the actual match doesn't occur til march or at least that's when the med students find out where they're headed. apparently it's a long process, especially when different personalities are involved. aaron gets one vote as an attending and each resident gets a half vote but they have to agree on someone to make it a whole vote. sounds confusing. at least this is what i understand.

well they started late, and there could be a chance they won't get done til 9 or 10 this evening. if that's the case then we won't leave til tomorrow. hopefully there won't be too much of a debate. aaron brought home all the paper work last night, including thank you letters and the notes he took on each candidate. it's funny, because he said that most of the people are more than qualified so you have to look elsewhere to find reasons why you ding someone. for instance, someone wrote a thank you letter and instead of writing aaron they wrote anthony. harmless mistake, but it's something that could possibly be a deciding factor. and another girl wrote a thank you letter saying she was going to rank them number one, but forgot to change the school so it was obvious she wrote the same letter to all programs. all petty mistakes but could possibly decide their fates. crazy, to have so much power!

nonetheless, we'll be in the dale tomorrow for sure. hopefully we'll see the salukis smash some crieghton arse!

Monday, February 05, 2007

tanning beds R 4 losers!

the new ad campaign for the aad. i thought it was funny, a little unrealistic and a bit on the cheesy side. click on the print ad to see the 60 second commercial. will update on the rest of the trip when we get home. one more day in the big city!

Friday, February 02, 2007


we made it. flew out of bloomington yesterday around 6. made it to detroit with about 20 minutes to catch our connecting flight. ran across the airport, i actually broke out in a sweat, the thought. plus i was wearing compression stockings from a leg vein procedure, so my feet were numb by the time we arrived. the plane had to be de-iced. the first time either one had seen it done. pretty cool.

no time to eat a bite. $2 for a snack size pringles and $2 for trail mix on the plane. hit some turbulance. my fear of flying is getting worse. i'm white-knuckling the arm rests when i hear the little kids behind us yell, "whoa, wh-oa, there's something wrong with the plane, whoa!" i just started smiling. these 3 and 4 year-olds were so fearless, thought it was just a bumpy ride. i turn back a few minutes later and one's fast asleep. i so wish i could do that.

we arrive 25 minutes late. we wait for our bags, i call adrian to find out where everyone is. "club fur" he texts me. "last call at 11." aaron had decided we were going to take the metro instead of a shuttle or cab. $1.35 each. he forgot to print out how to get to christi's apt building after we got off the metro. so we're walking around the downtown area for 30 minutes. it's sleeting, we're lugging around suitcases and i'm starving. we finally make it to the apt where the front desk guy was not so friendly and completely clueless. after another 10 minutes figuring out where our room key was and getting the second key, we finally open the doors and crash. it's a cool little set up we have here. a hotel room but better, we even have a washer/dryer. corporate apartments rule.

i have to meet adrian, jennifer and irina for lunch at union station in a few. i best get my groove on.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

d.c. bound

in a matter of hours we're off to d.c. not permanently, sterno! aaron's huge academy of derm. meeting is out there once again. so you know what that means...samples galore! this year we opted not to pay for me to hit up the exhibit booths. thought aaron could handle this one on his own. last year we paid and honestly it wasn't worth it. exhibitors act like you're the plague if you don't have the m.d. to sell or promote their products. little do they know, it's the spouses that know more about the cosmetic part of derm. at least around these parts. aaron could care less about the advances in loreals anti-aging cream or lancomes new juicy tubes. (i probably have that backwards) the newest surgical scissors or histo equipment now you've got his undivided attention.

it is nice to walk away with all that booty. we stock up on lotions, bath gels, shampoo for the year. i can't even remember the last time i actually bought lotion or sunscreen. be ready family, you're in for some skincare treats.