Wednesday, February 21, 2007


i recently acquired a lot of 14 captive rings via ebay. i had taken out my previous rings when i got x-rayed for my braces and i've lost most, if not all. i needed new ones anyways, most of my old ones didn't match and were in a variety of sizes. yesterday when i got the batch, i was ecstatic about slipping them on. to my surprise, i can't get a single one in any of the 5 holes i have open. it's been a year and a half, the holes are still visible but obviously not capable of handling a 14 gauge hoop. i almost went with the 12 gauges. so glad i decided not to. now i have to figure out how i'm gonna stretch my holes to accommodate my new gems. may have to get out the ice and perform an at-home remedy. or see if the doctor has any fat needles at work and have him perform some minor surgery.

speaking of minor surgery, yesterday i let aaron cut off a mole in the comfort of our living room. wasn't anything big, seemed quite small in fact when i saw it floating in the vial. it's one of those things that looks and feels huge when it's on your own body. can't wait til we move to boone and i have access to laser hair removal. i'm going to go crazy zapping hair left and right. or i should say aaron or jill will go crazy.

jamie just called and wanted to know if i cared if she backed out of working out today. of course not. i'm dying from our workout yesterday. so far so good. out of 7 days we've worked out 6. i may do a little workout at home tonight. that is, if my body permits. right now, it says no-way!

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