Thursday, February 15, 2007

a tobogganing we will go

three days into to working out and so far so good. i think i may change my mind tomorrow. i'm gonna feel the pain, i know it.

monday jamie and i hit fitclub south and did a step aerobics class. how i was a cheerleader i'll never know. i'm so uncoordinated. left, right, over the top, mambo...what?!? right, left...what?!?

today we hit fitclub west and did a powerzone class. have you seen my arms? the ones flimsier than spaghetti? now they'll be flimsy and racked with pangs. so not looking forward to it.

aaron wanted me to get some sleds today for the weekend. tomorrow jamie and i and hopefully jennaya will test them out. i'll try and take a camera to document our tobogganing fun. for those of you from the south, these are the toboggans you ride and not the ones you wear on your head.

i wish we could have the snow without the cold. i can just feel the sickness creeping on. don't be surprised if i start complaining next week about how sick i am. it will be totally worth it.

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