Tuesday, February 27, 2007

moley, moley, moley

remember that mole i had aaron shave off. below is the biopsy report he received from dr. semans.

CLINICAL DATA: Recently and finally! married cute female of asian extraction adorned with sexy ink deposits. Lesion recently chewed by horny husband.


GROSS DESCRIPTION: Received in a papoose labeled with "I Want A Baby!" is an oval shave 2mm thick, with a round 4mm well circumscribed uniform tan scabbed papule. Inked, quadrisected, totally submitted.

MICROSCOPIC DESCRIPTION: There is a proliferation of goofy-looking cells with slanty eyes running around in the dermis looking for babies, and a thick layer of hairless spermatozoa encrusting the epidermis. The combined genetic potential of these cells is highly debatable and should be illegal.

IMPRESSION: Funky-monkey flesh, labeled "Hunk A Hunk A Burnin Love," chewed off.

North Carolinny, Here We Come!

here are the real results: Benign Dermal Malanocytic Nevus (basically nothing but a mole but i liked the first report better so i thought i'd share.)

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