Friday, February 09, 2007

creighton smashing

we're heading down to carbondale this weekend. not sure if we'll leave tonight or tomorrow morning. aaron's program is meeting today to discuss the match list. (where they rank candidates they've interviewed in order of preference. candidates, in turn, rank schools they've interviewed at and then they match the two) the actual match doesn't occur til march or at least that's when the med students find out where they're headed. apparently it's a long process, especially when different personalities are involved. aaron gets one vote as an attending and each resident gets a half vote but they have to agree on someone to make it a whole vote. sounds confusing. at least this is what i understand.

well they started late, and there could be a chance they won't get done til 9 or 10 this evening. if that's the case then we won't leave til tomorrow. hopefully there won't be too much of a debate. aaron brought home all the paper work last night, including thank you letters and the notes he took on each candidate. it's funny, because he said that most of the people are more than qualified so you have to look elsewhere to find reasons why you ding someone. for instance, someone wrote a thank you letter and instead of writing aaron they wrote anthony. harmless mistake, but it's something that could possibly be a deciding factor. and another girl wrote a thank you letter saying she was going to rank them number one, but forgot to change the school so it was obvious she wrote the same letter to all programs. all petty mistakes but could possibly decide their fates. crazy, to have so much power!

nonetheless, we'll be in the dale tomorrow for sure. hopefully we'll see the salukis smash some crieghton arse!

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