Friday, January 30, 2004

sometimes i don't mind

sometimes i wonder how much time i'm wasting... i feel like i'm in a constant state of limbo. where i'm not moving forward, not looking back... my life seems a little stale. i need to get out. live life. any suggestions where i should start? no committments please.

i just read that they are pulling the shirts that say "boys are stupid" out of stores. maybe i can take up a cause and fight the power. why stop there? i should start up my own protest, watch out "i'm with stupid -->" i'm gunning for you. although i better check for skeletons, cause who knows what's hiding out in my closet.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

stuck in the middle

i don't know what it is but aaron and i are just not ones for "fancy" restaurants. i don't mind getting dressed up to eat, i don't mind having more than one course, but the whole atmosphere just bugs me. maybe if i was hoity-toity, i'd fit right in. but it's just not my element. i think what irritates me the most is that a large percentage of the people actually think they're better then the rest of the world because they have a little cash to throw around. i always wonder if i were rich, would i be the same person i am now. oh wait i am "rich"

Friday, January 16, 2004


ok, i'm not a britney spears fan. i've never purchased an album. i've never cared about who she is or what she's all about. i still don't but i just watched her new video and i find myself liking it a lot. i think it's the visual aspect that's caught my eye. i'm positive it's the same thing that happened with the "hey ya" video. the colors are supersaturated and the editing is great. she looks hot in every part of the video. (insert graphic lesbian scene here) what's happening to me??

work it

reality tv has taken a turn for the worse. they are now making movies about making reality television. i know they made one last year that actually hit the big screen, "the real cancun." wait a minute, i guess that's not really a movie about making tv but more like an extended tv show. nonetheless it bombed, that should be a hint producers should heed. i think every station has a reality show or two under their belts. i thought this was a craze that would die just as fast as it came about. they must have the shelf life of a twinkie, they'll be around forever!

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

rock show

going to chicago this weekend. have to pick up a few things at ikea, probably the last time we'll ever go there. aaron is intent on checking out the place where you eat with your hands and they put on a little show for you while you do. sounds like fun.

girl scout cookie time. mmmmm. i'm sucker for coconut, caramel, chocolate and wafers. mmmmm.

leanne just walked down, gotta go.

Thursday, January 08, 2004


so the new year has come and gone. back to the daily grind of my life. had a great new year. drank a little too much and swore off drinking the rest of the year! we'll see how long it lasts! so far so good. come home to find out joe and kate are expecting in august. i almost cried. . . i know how long they've been trying and i felt so overjoyed for them! joe's calling it squishy for now, it'll be awhile before they know for sure what they have and before they give it a real name. hopefully it won't be named after a star wars character like their dog among other things. i get to help decorate, i can't wait!

carrie and her friend dana are coming up here to get their haircut by nate. we'll be doing dinner later, at least i think so. kristin let the cat out of the bag and said we bet on her and chris's relationship. why she told her that, i don't know. all is good though. carrie's a sport, it just gives her more reason to prove us wrong!

less than a month and i'll be on the east coast. i'm excited. gonna see the slackers while there! can't wait!