Thursday, January 08, 2004


so the new year has come and gone. back to the daily grind of my life. had a great new year. drank a little too much and swore off drinking the rest of the year! we'll see how long it lasts! so far so good. come home to find out joe and kate are expecting in august. i almost cried. . . i know how long they've been trying and i felt so overjoyed for them! joe's calling it squishy for now, it'll be awhile before they know for sure what they have and before they give it a real name. hopefully it won't be named after a star wars character like their dog among other things. i get to help decorate, i can't wait!

carrie and her friend dana are coming up here to get their haircut by nate. we'll be doing dinner later, at least i think so. kristin let the cat out of the bag and said we bet on her and chris's relationship. why she told her that, i don't know. all is good though. carrie's a sport, it just gives her more reason to prove us wrong!

less than a month and i'll be on the east coast. i'm excited. gonna see the slackers while there! can't wait!

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