Saturday, April 24, 2010

westphal warriors strike again

"our ALS fund-raising walk in winston-salem was great fun and very successful. we had a fantastic turnout and the boone dermatology crew raised over $3000 for a worthy charity. in fact, the walkers took home the reward for most money raised by a corporate team! a big thank you to all of those who helped out! let's do it even bigger and better next year!"

this is the update from aaron's work website. as you can see the team has doubled since we first started walking in nc. thanks again to all those who walked, donated and contributed in any way to help us fight this disease. and especially thanks for sporting those ultra-brite t-shirts!! ;) and yes, little man also participated!

Monday, April 12, 2010

club tres

it's hard to believe the little guy is already three months old, soon to be four. above is his month marker shot. i actually took a little time and messed with the levels and whatnot in this pic. i muted down the colors to give it a somewhat aged look. below are two more versions of the same photo. the first being the original, the second a super saturated version and the third a color highlight.

i quickly threw these together, just imagine how stunning my pics could actually be if i took/had some time. but for now these will have to do! yes, i know, my kid is really, really, ridiculously good looking. :) lol! if you've seen zoolander then you'll get this reference.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

taste the rainbow

Friday Avery and I attended a mommy and me class. the activity of the morning: painting. Avery was no joke, got down and dirty with the big kids. we both had a good time playing in the paint and meeting new friends.

blogging from my phone as I'm feeding little man. way to multitask. got an iTunes giftcard last christmas so I thought I'd go ahead and use it for the blogging app.