Thursday, January 26, 2006

who i am hates who you are

tonight was the last night aaron had an applicant dinner and social. (a catered meal usually at a residents home where they get to meet potential resident candidates in a social setting.) the first was at our house 4 weeks ago. tonight it was at adrian and katie's. adrian, i must say, makes the best mojitos. i can suck those things down like water...they're soooooo good! tonight no exception. i think i'm officially off the wagon. i'm slowly becoming a lush. i've been the designated driver for so many years it's so weird to be the one that actually needs someone else to drive. i won't complain.

sometimes you learn things about people that you would rather not know. it sucks. if i graded people on a morality curve, i think a majority of them would fail. i'm just so disappointed. it makes myspace etiquette look so trivial compared to the moral choices people are making. how can i live my life one way and at the same time condone the way you live your life? why'd you fuckers have to go and make life more complicated. damn you!

Friday, January 20, 2006

margarita olé

just had lunch with diane, jessica and randy at brio. i decided to indulge in a margarita with my meal. drinking on the job...does that mean i'm an alcoholic? just had one, so i'm not that bad. technically i didn't drink on the job, but i'm back at work now, writing a blog instead of actually working.

nick's not here again today. i think he's trying to get fired. aren't we all! i ordered my transcipts from siu the other day. apparently if you want to work for the state or any state run institution i.e. universities, it's a must. plus i don't remember half the classes i took 7 years ago, it's better if i have a written copy in hand. damn, it's been that long since i graduated from college.

is there such a thing as myspace courtesy? like a comment for comment courtesy? some people are really good and some people are very, very bad. why do i fucking care? i guess i can't really talk, some people i never leave comments for. primarily because i don't know them. don't be surprised when half of you are deleted from my friends list. again, why do i fucking care! myspace is turning me into a high school bawler.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

music trip

brooke got a new ipod for christmas, one of those sleek new ones that you can upload photos, videos and of course music. i feel mine is obsolete now! it's like when you have the oldest model cell phone, one with a green screen that doesn't have any bells or whistles. i shouldn't complain, mine does exactly what i bought if for. i uploaded 425 songs from my itunes library to her ipod. so she avoided ripping her own cds, which can be a pain. brooke was quite happy with a majority of the music i put on there. i even put the boy george video i downloaded.

i finally looked at the cds adrian made me that held his entire music collection. once i made it past the dance/club music he had a few selections on there i actually downloaded. it's so funny seeing what other people listen to. now i'm totally on this music trip. nosusanfx is back.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

honeymoon nightmare

so we decide to do this caribbean wedding. our plan: have people come down a few days before the wedding and then leave the day after. we would stay longer and combine our honeymoon and wedding all in one. mark calls today and tells us, him and jane want to stay longer and will probably extend their time. this was supposed to be the easiest part of planning the wedding and now they've gone and made it the hardest. all in one freaking phone call. i already told aaron no way! they leave the day after and that's it. i don't care if they get there two weeks before, they're leaving the day after. this is a prime example of why i can't deal with this on a daily/weekly basis. they have absolutely no clue this would be imposing. they can and do vacation 30 out of 52 weeks of the year. they could give us this one moment. damn!

Monday, January 16, 2006

i want you to want me

the baby shower was a success, it actually went better than expected. we had to postpone our bowling reservation because everyone was having such a great time. *patting myself on the back* we ended up bowling a few games and mixed it up with a little alcohol. afterwards we made way to the bar located in the alley for a few more drinks and a little karoke. i think i should be banned from the mic when i've had a few too many. i have a really bad habit of butchering lyrics even when they're right in front of me. luckily, most of the patrons are also intoxicated and apparently i did really well. yeah right. a bit untraditional for a baby shower but a good time was had by all.

wedding plans are underway. unbelievable, i know. last sunday i dragged aaron to the bridal extravaganza. what a trooper. he was one of about 12 males and about 300 females in the audience. there were a few vendors who had set up booths, we got a ballpark figure of what things are gonna cost. and having a wedding or i should say a reception isn't cheap. we've pretty much decided to wed in the caribbean, turks & caicos to be exact. we've set up an appointment to meet with a resort representative next week. right now we're looking at november 5th as the wedding date, but we won't know for sure till after our meeting. the reception will be in december, exact date has yet to be determined. this thursday i have a bridal gown consultation. i kinda know what i want, hopefully they'll have something similar and inexpensive. katie's gonna come along. that way she can check out bridesmaids dresses and be an extra set of eyes for me. so the ball is rolling.

nate and katie have been living between carbondale and springfield the last month. i think everything is coming along, both with the shop and with their new pad. katie showed me pictures of the house with a fresh coat, i should say fresh coats, of paint and it looks like a completely different house. can't wait to see it in person. i get to design the logo for the shop. which i better get on because the grand opening will be upon us soon.

jamie's getting induced on thursday. matt and kristin are coming up friday. i've got to get a plane ticket to san francisco soon. guess i could kill one bird tonight.

Friday, January 06, 2006


not so long ago, i subconsciously decided to upgrade my life. i'm positive this trend began when i purchased my current car. i have owned and operated five, yes five, cars since i received my drivers license in 1992. the first four, i never would have trusted to make it across town let alone the country. all four cars had broken down at one time or another, be it on a busy interstate or in the middle of rush hour. back then, when your parents were your main source of income, getting it fixed was a reasonable option. when you become the one doling out the cash, you begin to realize your car has become a money pit. so i made the decision to pay the extra money for a dependable car. upgrade.

along with my car, my makeup, clothing and even alcohol have all been upgraded. i'm sure it's all a part of growing up. i still can't see myself spending lavish amounts of money on things i really don't need. but i will spend more than before.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

green eyed girl

i went through this phase in high school where i wanted to have green eyes. so i wore green contacts for a year. back then they hadn't perfected the colored contact phenomenon, therefore they looked really unnatural. but i wore them day in and day out. didn't care how fake they looked.

now that i'm older i wonder what kind of child aaron and i would produce. of course, i carry all the dominant genes. dark, curly hair, brown eyes, dark skin, shortness (i'm not sure if this is dominant) he's got straight, blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin.dark hair with blue eyes...i don't think i've ever seen anyone with that combination naturally. either we'll have a fairly good looking kid or a freak. i'm betting on the latter.

i do have baby on the brain. i'm in the midst of planning a baby shower for jamie. she's about 2 weeks from popping, hopefully we can get this in before baby hayden arrives. i feel so bad because no one even thought about throwing her a shower till i mentioned something a couple of weeks ago. and i don't even have a kid.

spent new year's at satch and tate's house. it was a blast. most of the pictures i took were of christie and satch doing a little bump and grind. pretty soon i'll be getting pictures from everyone else and hopefully they'll be a few pictures of me in that batch. i had a few on my camera, but they were very unflattering. i've got to remember when munching on finger foods all evening, there's a good chance 50% of the food is gonna stay in my braces.

new addiction: project runway