Thursday, January 05, 2006

green eyed girl

i went through this phase in high school where i wanted to have green eyes. so i wore green contacts for a year. back then they hadn't perfected the colored contact phenomenon, therefore they looked really unnatural. but i wore them day in and day out. didn't care how fake they looked.

now that i'm older i wonder what kind of child aaron and i would produce. of course, i carry all the dominant genes. dark, curly hair, brown eyes, dark skin, shortness (i'm not sure if this is dominant) he's got straight, blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin.dark hair with blue eyes...i don't think i've ever seen anyone with that combination naturally. either we'll have a fairly good looking kid or a freak. i'm betting on the latter.

i do have baby on the brain. i'm in the midst of planning a baby shower for jamie. she's about 2 weeks from popping, hopefully we can get this in before baby hayden arrives. i feel so bad because no one even thought about throwing her a shower till i mentioned something a couple of weeks ago. and i don't even have a kid.

spent new year's at satch and tate's house. it was a blast. most of the pictures i took were of christie and satch doing a little bump and grind. pretty soon i'll be getting pictures from everyone else and hopefully they'll be a few pictures of me in that batch. i had a few on my camera, but they were very unflattering. i've got to remember when munching on finger foods all evening, there's a good chance 50% of the food is gonna stay in my braces.

new addiction: project runway

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