Sunday, June 12, 2011


testing the tweet feed with a video of the little man. yes, i am actually working on updating the site, technology first and then maybe a new look.

Monday, June 06, 2011


a few weeks ago we ventured back down to new orleans to celebrate rocky and marie's nuptials. this was supposed to be our first child-free weekend. little man on the other hand, begged to differ. granted, as the time approached i was having some reservations and he may have sensed my anxiety.

a few days before we were to depart he decided he was no longer sleeping through the night. one sleepless night and i would have probably been okay leaving him. he decides to not sleep the rest of the time leading up to our trip. so that left us with three options: 1) both go and leave him with a sitter, and pretty much worry the whole time we're gone. 2) awes go and i stay home with him or 3) we all go. well i can't leave him and burden our sitter with an uncooperative kid. awes doesn't want to go without me. and since we already have our tickets and hotel purchased and it wouldn't cost us anything to add the tyke he ended up tagging along. the little weasel.

we were THAT couple on the plane going down. you know, the ones with the screaming/inconsolable baby. luckily most of the passengers were sympathetic to our situation. thank goodness. he was still off the first night/day we were there. but soon after he was fine, back to his happy self. he slept through the wedding ceremony and we were able to attend the reception without incident. so the boy has been to the big easy three times in his short, little life.

overall we had a great time. were able to see friends we hadn't seen in a long time. do a little sight seeing with the little guy. and most importantly, we got to see our friends start their new life together. congrats rocky and marie!!