Monday, December 29, 2003

radio, radio

early deadlines, christmas, sickness and family have plagued my life the past two weeks. it's a wonder i'm still here. it's a wonder anyone around me is still here. i've been somewhat irritable lately. i don't know what it is but i was so ready for the holiday season to be done and over with. there's just so much chaos that goes hand in hand with the holidays that it starts to become overwhelming. i start longing for some peace and quiet, and it's finally come. actually it's just a lull till new years. it's so weird because i used to love it. of course it may have been the company i was keeping. maybe next year will be better. i sure as hell hope so!

Sunday, December 07, 2003

true romance

jenny had her baby thursday and ash had her baby this morning. both girls. both healthy. all is good in the world.

went out to the magic kitchen for a little thai. was a first for nate and michelle. drank a little wine. picked up some more alcohol on the way home. did a little drinking. played some board games. it wasn't an extremely exciting night. but it was good to just chill. chilling is what we do best. tired. but not like last night when i couldn't make it through pirates of the carribean. had to watch it this morning. orlando bloom is still ungodly hot and johnny depp is right up there as well. oh to be the meat in that sandwich! mmmmm.

next weekend we're going down to carbondale and the weekend after that we're going to st. louis and then on to robinson to see some of my family. more babies to visit and oogle.

apes wrote aaron. wonder what prompted it. he mentioned dustin being in a new band. gotta find out the truth behind the myth. save it for next weekend.

Friday, December 05, 2003

rascal king

quiet day today. nick is out and hardly a soul has ventured down to my domain. listened to a few ringtones for my cell. hardly worth the money but it would be nice to have my own ring. i hate it when you're somewhere and someone has the same ringtone. i get all excited for nada. might go to a comedy show this weekend. we've pretty got every weekend booked this whole month. feeling a little popular for once. people actually like us.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

family guy

long time since my last update. lots has happened since. nutshell: mass + band came and went. great seeing him. talked his ear off. always happens when we get together. spent thanksgiving at matt and kristin's. had a little bird and watched a little porn. funny how that came about. not a very long story...usually what happens when you have digital cable and a bunch of undersexed guys.

christmas is coming. tis this season. can't wait!