Sunday, December 07, 2003

true romance

jenny had her baby thursday and ash had her baby this morning. both girls. both healthy. all is good in the world.

went out to the magic kitchen for a little thai. was a first for nate and michelle. drank a little wine. picked up some more alcohol on the way home. did a little drinking. played some board games. it wasn't an extremely exciting night. but it was good to just chill. chilling is what we do best. tired. but not like last night when i couldn't make it through pirates of the carribean. had to watch it this morning. orlando bloom is still ungodly hot and johnny depp is right up there as well. oh to be the meat in that sandwich! mmmmm.

next weekend we're going down to carbondale and the weekend after that we're going to st. louis and then on to robinson to see some of my family. more babies to visit and oogle.

apes wrote aaron. wonder what prompted it. he mentioned dustin being in a new band. gotta find out the truth behind the myth. save it for next weekend.

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