Sunday, November 27, 2005


"the captain has turned on the fasten seatbelt sign, please remain seated for the remainder of the flight."

if this plane crashes and all that is left are bits and pieces strewn about the grand canyon, will there be enough of me to identify? will they find my drivers license in my back pocket where i put it for convenience? will they find my new engagement ring or any of the rings i wore today? will they find my tattoos or fragments of them charred almost unrecognizable? will they find my new mouth full of metal that would withstand the heat and flame? i'm getting too old to fly.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


why can't anyone be on here when i can't sleep? catering to me should be everyones top priority. wake up, damn you!

so i left for vegas with $75 in my wallet and i came back with $80. that technically makes me a winner. i did purchase an awesome blazer and would have easily spent more if i had more time and won more money. curse long weekends in can't see or do everything you'd like. i'll write more about the actual weekend at more suitable time.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

helmets are un-american

there's a truck driving around springfield with those very words plastered to its backside. i won't even begin to explain everything wrong with it.

i'm not quite done rummaging through all my old photos. i threw away close to 200 photos tonight. did a lot of purging. i did save some choice photos which i will probably post soon. be ready to laugh at who you were and what you were wearing in the late 90s. i think i went through 20 hairstyles in that time.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

sing me to sleep

it feels so good to actually sleep in for a change! it is now 1:30 and i've been awake approximately 20 minutes. so half my day is wasted away, i'll be well rested for tonight. the tarbox ramblers are playing at underground. my work is somehow sponsoring the event. i got free tickets, so we'll be out and about this evening.

i need to clean my house. i told myself that i would have it cleaned by the time aaron gets back from indiana. so far, nada. i keep getting sucked into watching csi and law and order. damn the networks for syndicating these shows. i've got 3 hours to get this house ship-shape. it's a good thing i'm spending 15 minutes of that precious time posting a blog.

i'm off.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

the mastermind

i knew i wouldn't rest til i figured out why i hated tc so much. now that i recall the reason, i almost don't want to say it out loud. so here it goes. tc was a rumor starter in my high school. i find out from a friend of a friend that she's spreading this horrible rumor about me. what could be so horrific that i would want to run her over with my car. not that i'm slutty or have a third nipple. she was telling everyone how frigid i was, how i was the ice queen. i know, how stupid am i for even caring. and it's not like she even knew me or the inner workings of my "relationships." but for some reason this bothered the hell out of me. i'm sure there was a culmination of other reasons why i disliked her, but this was probably the straw.

a year later a new rumor surfaces. now i'm the complete opposite of what i once was. apparently i was completely naked, begging for sex and was turned down/rejected by my "boyfriend." unbelievable, i know. me, naked and begging for sex. ha, that's a good one. and what high school boy do you know would turn down sex. at least come up with a believable rumor. now i laugh...ha.

i'll let bygones be. it's been almost 15 years. hopefully some of us have done some growing up. if not, i've got a bigger car with a v6, it'd be in her best interest to watch her back!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

biting the bullet

since there isn't a single person (cept maybe brian) that i would take a bullet for, i've decided to keep my top 8 people-free. fortunatly for me i have exactly 8 bands, so it wasn't a hard decision, almost like it was meant to be. when i think about it, i might have to re-evaluate my logic...when you swerve into traffic to avoid a squirrel, you might be more prone to save someone elses life than your own.

now that's gotten me thinking about the one time i actually wanted to run someone over. i can't even remember what this person did to me. but i do remember the hatred i felt towards her. that if i saw her, i'd step on the gas and gun her down. it seems so trivial, that i actually thought about someones demise at my own hands or feet. if i remember correctly...i think it was about a boy, a car, and some lipstick...nah, that can't be right. cause she wasn't the one who actually did it...but she was friends with her...damn i won't rest till i remember. like i said, trivial.

vegas in 1 1/2 weeks. only for a long weekend, but it'll be a nice break from the patch. maybe we'll get hitched while there. still no date set, but i think we've narrowed it down to the month of novemeber. at this rate we'll be getting married hopefully this century.