Wednesday, November 09, 2005

the mastermind

i knew i wouldn't rest til i figured out why i hated tc so much. now that i recall the reason, i almost don't want to say it out loud. so here it goes. tc was a rumor starter in my high school. i find out from a friend of a friend that she's spreading this horrible rumor about me. what could be so horrific that i would want to run her over with my car. not that i'm slutty or have a third nipple. she was telling everyone how frigid i was, how i was the ice queen. i know, how stupid am i for even caring. and it's not like she even knew me or the inner workings of my "relationships." but for some reason this bothered the hell out of me. i'm sure there was a culmination of other reasons why i disliked her, but this was probably the straw.

a year later a new rumor surfaces. now i'm the complete opposite of what i once was. apparently i was completely naked, begging for sex and was turned down/rejected by my "boyfriend." unbelievable, i know. me, naked and begging for sex. ha, that's a good one. and what high school boy do you know would turn down sex. at least come up with a believable rumor. now i laugh...ha.

i'll let bygones be. it's been almost 15 years. hopefully some of us have done some growing up. if not, i've got a bigger car with a v6, it'd be in her best interest to watch her back!

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